Tropical wagtail
Tropical Wagtail
Release date 21 November 2006 (Update)
Hunter level 19
Experience 95.8
Location Feldip Hunter area
Trap Bird snare
Retaliation No
Loot Bones, raw bird meat, stripy feathers
Examine It blends in very well with its surroundings.
Tropical wagtail icon

The tropical wagtail is a bird which requires a Hunter level of 19 to trap using a bird snare.


These birds are found in the Feldip Hunter area south of the Feldip Hills, just west of the Hunting expert's hut. Bring at least two bird snares, because shortly after reaching level 19 Hunter, when players can snare these birds, players hit level 20 when they can place two snares at a time. This greatly increases the amount of experience a player can obtain. The stripy feathers are used for fly fishing rainbow fish (used as bait for barb-tailed kebbit). At level 39, players also have the option to 'smoke' their trap to mask their scent so it heightens the chance of catching the bird.

The area can be reached by travelling north from the Oo'glog lodestone, or by using the fairy ring AKS from Zanaris and heading south into the habitat area. The Hunting expert's hut is visible on the world map.

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