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Tuai Leit moai
Tuai Leit moai
Release date 10 October 2016 (Update)
Also known as Sparkle
Members Yes
Quest Tuai Leit's Own
Location Tuai leit
Examine Time has trapped her in a prison of bamboo.
Tuai Leit moai location
Tuai Leit moai chathead

The Tuai Leit moai is a moai situated within the bamboo forest of Tuai Leit. Players must chop down some bamboo in order to reach her.

Tuai Leit shows affection towards the Waiko moai but is jealous of his wife the Aminishi moai, as she wished to be his wife. She claims that she has also been cut off from communicating with any of the other moai.

During Tuai Leit's Own, the player is told to ask the moai for help with Ekahi's condition, and she suggests it is a spiritual affliction and begrudgingly tells you to go to Aminishi to talk to the Acolytes of Seiryu to learn more about it.


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