Tuna and corn detail

Tuna and corn is food and a cooking ingredient that can only be created by members with a Cooking level of 67. It can be created by adding cooked sweetcorn to a bowl of chopped tuna. Doing this yields 204 Cooking experience. Cooking all ingredients for Tuna and corn from scratch provides you with 409 Cooking experience.

It heals 200 to 1675 life points, depending on your constitution level.

It is mostly used as one of the final ingredients for a tuna potato, which heals 200 to 2125 life points, or for juju gumbo, which heals up to 2250 life points immediately with the extra benefit of healing 50 life points a second for 10 seconds. To make a tuna potato, use a tuna and corn with a potato with butter at level 68 Cooking. To make juju gumbo, use a strange potato on the tuna and corn while a knife is in inventory or tool belt.


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