StandardWar-paintMorwenna's headdress
Tunks chathead
Tunks (war-paint) chathead
Tunks (morwenna) chathead

Tunks is a young goebie who players first meet in the quest Call of the Ancestors. Tunks is initially brave enough to enter the portal to Gielinor, where he asks for player's help against an Airut invasion.

Along with his friends Peck and Lunch, the three will pass a set of goebie trials in the Goebie Temple, where Tunks and his friends will gain a powerful magic ability, which they ultimately use to halt the airut invasion.

After the quest Tunks can be found south of Nardah in a goebie camp, now wearing Morwenna's headdress.

Tunks has a pet Malcolm, claiming to have obtained it while learning about Invention through Doc. When examining the pet, it says that Tunks has 17 Invention experience.


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