The Barricade ability's duration and cooldown are both increased by 10% per rank.
Release date 25 January 2016 (Update)
Gizmo type Armour
Maximum rank 3

Turtling is an Invention perk which increases the duration and cooldown of Barricade by 10% per rank. It can be created in armour gizmos.

Turtling's value can be determined by comparing Barricade's effective time per minute:

Effective up-time[1]
Rank Change Length (ticks) Cooldown (ticks) Up-time per minute (ticks)
N/A ±0% 9.6s (16) 60s (100) 9.6s (16)
1 +10% 10.8s (18) 66s (110) 9.82s (16)
2 +20% 12.0s (20) 72s (120) 10.0s (16)
3 +30% 13.2s (22) 78s (130) 10.15s (17)
  1. ^ As calculated with a tier 90 shield equipped


Turtling's effect on Barricade's up-time remains nearly unchanged, instead only benefiting players in more niche situations. The set effect of Achto equipment and its inferior versions can be used for a net positive increase in Barricade's effective up-time however, as they nullify the additional cooldown times added by the perk.

Turtling is essential for the bomb tank role at Vorago, as the bomb tank must nullify as many magic attacks in the final phase as possible in order for a more efficient kill. The increased cooldown is not a concern, as Barricade is already used for each odd-numbered attack cycle.


MaterialRarityPerk ranks with X materials
Crystal parts
Crystal partsCommon011–21–21–3
Base parts
Base partsCommon011–21–21–3
Evasive components
Evasive componentsUncommon11–21–21–31–3

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Evasive components
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Resilient components
Resilient componentsResilient componentsEvasive components
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