Tuska Comes offers Warpriest of Tuska armour, weapon overrides, abilities, and miscellaneous rewards, purchased by Reward Currency obtained from gathering Tuska fragments. The abilities (Sacrifice, Devotion, and Transfigure) from previous world events are also available to be purchased. During the world event, warpriest armour from previous worlds events was available to be purchased.

The names in the shop may not match the actual item name, e.g. the Warpriest of Zamorak cuirass is listed as "Zamorak torso".

Warpriest armour

Tuska Event Rewards (Armour)

Warpriest armour is a set of hybrid armour which levels up with the player's Defence level, with a maximum of 75. The set has 3 possible stats: for Defence level 25-49, for Defence level 50-74, and for Defence level 75 and above. The stats are updated upon equipping the armour. If a player gains level 75 Defence while wearing an armour piece, they have to un-equip it and re-equip it for the stats to update.

Each piece of the Warpriest of Tuska armour set gives the player a 1% chance to deal a maximum hit against an enemy in combat, for a 6% chance in total. Wearing at least 3 pieces is required to gain this passive effect, similar to how the other warpriest armour sets function.

Item Cost Original cost
Warpriest of Tuska gauntlets (75) Gauntlets 1,000 1,000
Warpriest of Tuska boots (75) Boots 1,000 1,000
Warpriest of Tuska cuirass (75) Cuirass 3,500 3,500
Warpriest of Tuska robe legs (75) Robe legs 3,500 2,500
Warpriest of Tuska helm (75) Helm 2,000 2,000
Warpriest of Tuska cape (75) Cape 2,000 2,000
Total 13,000 12,000

Weapon overrides

Tuska Event Rewards (Weapons)
Item Cost
Saradomin Tuska spear Saradomin Tuska spear 1,000
Armadyl Tuska spear Armadyl Tuska spear 1,000
Zamorak Tuska spear Zamorak Tuska spear 1,000
Godless Tuska spear Godless Tuska spear 1,000
Calibration device Calibration device 500
Total 4,500


Tuska Event Rewards (Abilities)
Ability Cost
Sacrifice Sacrifice 3,500
Devotion Devotion 3,500
Transfigure Transfigure 3,500
Tuska's Wrath Tuska's Wrath 4,000
Total 14,500

Other rewards

Tuska Event Rewards (Other)
Item Cost Original cost
Tuska's Fury (Tier 1) emote icon Tuska's Fury (Tier 1) 500 500
Tuska's Fury (Tier 2) emote icon Tuska's Fury (Tier 2) 1,000[n 1] 1,000[n 1]
Tuska's Fury (Tier 3) emote icon Tuska's Fury (Tier 3) 1,500[n 1] 1,500[n 1]
Home Teleport icon Tuska storm teleport override 1,200 1,200
Small lamp Small XP lamp N/A 350[n 2]
Medium XP lamp Medium XP lamp N/A 600[n 2]
Large lamp Large XP lamp 5,000 1,100[n 2]
Huge lamp Huge XP lamp N/A 2,100[n 2]
Total (unlockables only) 9,200 4,200
  1. ^ a b c d This emote requires the previous emote tier to be unlocked.
  2. ^ a b c d Experience lamps can be bought more than once. They can only be bought once per week.


The Tuska Comes world event offered four new titles that could be unlocked by stabbing Tuska 5 times with a 100% charged spear, with a different title made available each week (with weeks starting on Sunday). Each title will be available for the rest of the event after its initial release. Titles from previous weeks are unlocked along with the most current title, if they haven't been unlocked yet. These titles are no longer available, following the end of the world event on 1 July 2015.

These titles were received:

Title Requirements
Harbinger [Name] Starting week 1
[Name] of Gielinor Starting week 2
[Name] the Beast Slayer Starting week 3
[Name] the Tuska Raider Starting week 4

Rewards from previous events

Contribution to the world event could randomly unlock titles from previous events (such as The Virtuous, The Powerful, The Eternal, and The Boundless).

It was also possible to buy pieces of the Saradomin, Zamorak, Armadyl and Bandos warpriest armour with Reward Currency. Unlike previous world events, the same piece could be bought again even if already owned. The prices for each piece of equipment was:

Gloves 1,000
Boots 1,000
Torso 5,000
Legs 3,500
Helm 2,500
Cape 2,000
Total per set 15,000


  • The title "the Tuska Raider" seems to be a Star Wars reference to the Tusken Raiders found on the desert planet of Tatooine.
  • Reward costs were substantially decreased on 28 November 2016.


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