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{{Tuska Comes row|1|3|3 June|18:30|0.0%|52.3%|16.5%|11.9%|19.3%|godless}}
{{Tuska Comes row|1|3|3 June|18:30|0.0%|52.3%|16.5%|11.9%|19.3%|godless}}
{{Tuska Comes Bottom}}
{{Tuska Comes Bottom}}
If a faction wins for a day, they will not receive any rewards.

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This article is about the world event involving Tuska. For the minigame and holiday event initially billed as World Event 3, see Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza.
This article documents a current event.
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Tuska Comes
Tuska Comes.png
Start date 1 June 2015 (Update)
End date 30 June 2015 (Unknown update edit)
Location On Tuska
Outcome TBA
Preceded by The Bird and the Beast
Succeeded by N/A
Head developer Andrew H, Chris L
Battle info
Saradomin, Zamorak, Armadyl and The Godless Tuska
Bree, Moia, Kamiee, Vorago (via Scopulus) Unknown
Humans Tuskan environment

Tuska Comes, first mentioned at RuneFest 2013 and expanded on at RuneFest 2014,[1] is the third world event involving four factions (Saradomin, Zamorak, Armadyl, and The Godless) banding together to try and kill the blind boar god Tuska, who is hurtling towards Gielinor in an attempt to devour it. Although players will be unable to side with Tuska, they will be able to side with one of the four factions trying to kill her. Its original release date was the third week of May,[2] but was moved back to 1 June 2015.[3] The event will span 30 days.

The aim is to use residual Anima Mundi to charge a weapon and stab Tuska in her weak-spot. This is because the representatives of the gods (and Vorago for the Godless's case) tell the player that a barrier of Anima Mundi similar to that of the Edicts of Guthix will prevent them from killing her until it is weakened or destroyed.

On 24 May at around 19:00 game time, this was teased in an unannounced phenomenon where the screen shook and people collapsed. A translucent image of Tuska's face was shown along with the message: You sense something is not right, as if this could be the beginning of the end.

Deaths in the event are safe, and Ironman accounts will be able to participate in all content and have access to all rewards.[4]

The event

Players can teleport from Gielinor to Tuska and the islands surrounding her by astromancers through the Home Teleport spell. A representative from each faction (Scopulus for The Godless, Kamiee for Armadyl, Bree for Saradomin, and Moia for Zamorak) are near the lodestone at the base of Tuska's spine for players to sign up with.

Each day is treated as a new round. If 100% total damage is done to Tuska, the faction that deals the most damage to Tuska wins the day, otherwise Tuska wins. Players must make their way from island to island to reach the front of Tuska, where they must stab her weak point with a Tuska spear, god-aligned to the faction the player chooses. The islands in Tuska's orbit, remains of planets that she has devoured, contain remnants of Anima Mundi used to charge the spear.[5]

On certain islands, players can kill lightning sprites to obtain energy and deposit it into lightning collectors, a mechanic similar to Divination. Other monsters include "lightning beetles", modeled after Kalphite Workers,[6] and a stronger form of Airut. Tuska can be also through non-combat skills, including Mining, Construction, Dungeoneering, Divination, Farming, Hunter, Prayer, and Woodcutting.

Tuska adapts to players' actions as the event progresses. Contributions from each god faction are tracked; at the end of the event, the winner will be determined by the side (Tuska or Gielinor) that has won the most "days". An unrevealed third outcome is also a possibility.[5]

Between events

From 0:20 to 0:00 of the hour, the event is unavailable. Other skilling methods become unlocked for players to obtain Tuska fragments, an alternate source of the Reward Currency which can be used on Wizard Chambers for 5 Reward Currency each. From 4 to 8 June players also receive 1 Astromancer credit for every fragment collected.

Skilling nodes are located on Tuska's sides, including green quills on her back which can be cut down for Woodcutting experience, and blue spines that can be balanced on for Agility experience. Players will gain 10x experience if they are balancing on the stump that has an electrical current around it.

Parasites are killable on Tuska's southern end for Slayer experience and uncommonly drop the Tuska fragments.



Starting the event

The starting island for the event

At 0:00, also announced by timer, the event begins. When it begins, players may jump to the starting island and they and other players aligned with the faction they are aligned with will be with them. The islands are kept stable by the faction's best mages; however they cannot do this long enough and players will be forced to transfer to another island every 5 minutes. Only 25% of the Anima Mundi can be obtained from each island; it is shown as an orange orb floating towards the player's charging faction spear. If a player does not get the 25% for an island, they can make up the deficit at the next island.

The order the islands are played in is completely random.

Players can start early; but only when a timer is active and counting down. The event can be started at any moment in the 20 minutes that it is active. Even if the event is started late, the player has a full 20 minutes on all four islands, and will get to stab Tuska.

Broken land

An active runestone

Players of a faction will end up on four islands of a clockwise-running agility course. They can charge Active runestones in the centre of the course to gain Divination experience and mine Fallen rocks for Mining experience. To move from island to island, they either balance or climb a blue crystal (Agility experience) or chip off a gatestone embedded on one of the islands (Dungeoneering experience). Players are notified when they cannot get any more Anima Mundi from that island.

Once every 30 seconds, a random player will be selected to hold a gatestone; players can teleport to them by hitting the teleport option provided in the bar above. This can be helpful for skipping obstacles or transferring to an island with an active node. If a player is alone, this function is unavailable.

Lost souls

Expanding flammable growths

Players will end up on an island seemingly having been influenced by one of the younger gods. There are two main tentacles on the main island (one if less than three players); they cannot be attacked, but spawn lesser corrupted growths which can be attacked. To hurt the corrupted growths, players must go to the Holy fire and equip the torch received to deal damage onto them. The fire only lasts 30 seconds, so players will need to return to replenish the fire. The area directly hit with the fire will be dealt with 500 damage, while the area around it in a 3x3 radius will be hit for 250 damage. Constant Firemaking experience is gained while attacking tentacles, regardless of the number of corrupted growths burned. During the last minute available on the platform, the Holy fire can provide about 60 seconds of fire. It should be noted that the lesser tentacles do not have infinite spawns.

A fleeing Tormented soul

Alternatively, players climb down to a graveyard where they can search the altar for a Relic of Life. This tool is required to enter the underworld. Digging a grave will result in the player entering the underworld, revealing one Lost Soul (this soul shows up as orange) and many Tormented souls on the main island to be released, which returns the player and the soul to the main world. Any player can capture the Lost soul, or attack the tormented souls instead. To free the tormented soul, kill it to possess the spirit and bring it to the Last Rites circle and it will turn the player back into a human. Anyone that attacks the tormented soul will turn into one upon its death. Capturing and freeing the lost soul gives Divination experience, while fighting and guiding a tormented soul gives Prayer experience; both can be done in one trip to the underworld, giving 6% energy each time.

Returning eight lost souls is one method to max out the player's contribution for this island.

Overgrown remnants

The core plant of the island

Players will end up on another island with a tree in the middle. Several large tentacles appear that surround the island, but will not cause any harm. Woodcuttable vines, attackable tentacles, and Falling rocks can appear on this island. To proceed, players kill the tentacles, chop the vines, or mine the rocks that appear on the island, gaining mysterious herbs in the process. The herb must be ground into powder, and it can be used to nurture the roots to grow them. Each step in a root's growth requires a number of crushed herbs equal to the number of players. When a root reaches one of the pods surrounding the tree, it will turn into a flower which can be collected for a Vibrating seed. The seed can be used onto the core plant to release the Anima Mundi into the spear. The flowers also have roots which will lead to other pods. Vines and tentacles can block the path towards a pod, and must be chopped down or killed to proceed further.

Using a seed on the core plant provides a significant amount of Anima Mundi, so it is recommended to prioritize any root that is closest to a pod.

Returning three energy seeds to the central tree is one method to max out the player's contribution for this island.

Lightning storm

File:Sentient lightning (Tuska Comes).png

Sentient lightning

Players will end up on an island that attracts lightning. They can construct pylons from the shattered pylon hotspots (for Construction experience), which will attract a Sentient Lightning that can be lured to the Unstable Core in the middle of the island (for Hunter experience). The pylon will shatter after a Sentient lightning is attracted to it, which happens on the second lightning strike. Alternatively, players can build traps upon the targets that randomly appear on the ground; after a short while, this automatically attracts lightning to the unstable core (for Hunter experience). In addition, tiny balls of living Lightning will appear and may be attacked.

Killing the lightning (and sometimes doing other tasks) electrifies the player with a residual charge that should be brought to the Unstable Core for points. There is a specific amount of time before the charge fades, shown as a bar above the player.

Stabbing Tuska

The interface of a fully charged Tuska spear

When the four islands have been passed through, players are dropped from above onto one of Tuska's tusks and are given reward currency equal to 10x the percentage the spear was charged (1000 max). Players climb up Tuska's teeth and then stab the spear into one of her weak spots, resulting in the player saying a phrase depending on the faction with which they are aligned. The player is then sent back to the starting area and will receive their currency. Should the player not stab Tuska in time, they will burst into flame and be teleported back to the starting area.


Note: For Tuska to be defeated by another faction on any given day, Tuska would need a score of 0.0%.

Week Day Date Time
Percentage Winner
Tuska symbol.png The Godless symbol.png Armadyl symbol.png Saradomin symbol.png Zamorak symbol.png
1 1 1 June 23:45 20.0% 47.5% 16.7% 13.2% 10.6% Tuska symbol (Tuska Comes).png Tuska
1 2 2 June 23:45 10.9% 58.0% 12.1% 8.9% 10.1% Tuska symbol (Tuska Comes).png Tuska
1 3 3 June 18:30 0.0% 52.3% 16.5% 11.9% 19.3% The Godless symbol.png Godless

If a faction wins for a day, they will not receive any rewards.


Main article: Tuska Comes/Rewards

Performing activities give a Reward Currency specific to this world event. 1,000 Reward Currency can be obtained per day by completing runs on the islands and stabbing Tuska. No notification is shown when this limit is reached. More can be received by trading in Tuska fragments received by skilling and killing on her back to Wizard Chambers. Skilling and killing on Tuska's back is limited to 80 minutes per day and because fragments are found randomly, the number of fragments gathered per day varies.

Rewards include a tiered emote; cosmetic overrides of the god-aligned spears; the Tuska's Wrath ability; the Tuska storm teleport animation override; and Warpriest of Tuska armour, a type of warpriest armour that adds a small chance to deal a maximum hit against enemies in combat, including bosses. Four new titles can also be unlocked by taking part in the event.

Rewards from the two previous world events, such as warpriest armour and abilities, can also be purchased in the reward shop. The cosmetic rewards from the two previous events are not available.

Music unlocked





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