Magic Stall
Tutab's Magical Market
Release date 6 December 2004 (Update)
Members Yes
Minimap icon Magic shop map icon
Location Ape Atoll
Owner Tutab
Specialty Runes
Tutab location

Tutab's Magical Market is a magic shop that sells runes. It is run by Tutab. It is located in the marketplace of Ape Atoll.

Players need to have started Monkey Madness to access this store. It is required to wield one of the monkey greegrees due to the fact that the store is located right in between two monkey archers. However, players do not need to be wearing the monkeyspeak amulet/Cramulet in order for Tutab to trade with them.

The stall can be stolen from with 65 Thieving. The player will receive 100 experience and either an air rune, earth rune, fire rune, water rune, or law rune. It respawns every 80 seconds.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
GE resale
Fire rune Fire rune 1,000 17 coins 5 159 142,000
Water rune Water rune 1,000 17 coins 5 25 8,000
Air rune Air rune 1,000 17 coins 5 90 73,000
Earth rune Earth rune 1,000 17 coins 5 18 1,000
Law rune Law rune 100 378 coins 113 570 19,200
Eye of gnome Eye of gnome 10 3 coins Not sold Not sold Not sold
Monkey dentures Monkey dentures 10 10 coins Not sold Not sold Not sold
Monkey talisman Monkey talisman 10 1,000 coins Not sold Not sold Not sold
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