For the version of the island visited during and after Beneath Cursed Tides, see Tutorial Island (Beneath Cursed Tides).
Tutorial Island
Runescape guide
Release date 24 September 2002 (Update)
Kingdom Misthalin
Members area No
Main music Newbie Melody
Leader None
Teleportation None
Bank map icon 1 Altar map icon 1
Tutorial Island map

Tutorial Island is an island where new players to RuneScape arrive. It serves as the tutorial for the game for those who select the "New" or "Returner" option during character creation. It is not possible to return to the island after completing the tutorial until the sunken version after Beneath Cursed Tides.


Tutorial Island was released in the update of 24 September 2002,[1]. All new players had to navigate through the various tutorials on the island before being transported to Lumbridge. Tutorial Island was added to the world map on 4 March 2003.[2]

After an update in July 2008, a new tutorial was added to the game, Learning the Ropes, and players were no longer able to access Tutorial Island. Later on, while a new tutorial was being developed, Tutorial Island was reintroduced temporarily for about a year.[3]

Even though Tutorial Island was inaccessible, it remained part of the world map. On 28th November 2012, it was removed from the map to make space for a revamped Wizards' Tower. During the Beneath Cursed Tides quest, released on 14 December 2015, players visit an underwater version of the island. It is revealed that the island was a former school for adventurers which has since been placed under a terrible curse, which the adventurer helps to counter successfully.

On 14 May 2018, Tutorial Island was reintroduced in a revamped form as the tutorial for RuneScape, replacing the Ashdale Tutorial.


Before starting the tutorial, players must create a new character. They are able to customise their hairstyle, beard and clothing. Players are then asked if they are a new, returning, or recent player of the game. Selecting any of the first two options will transport the player to Tutorial Island.

An interface at the top left of the screen indicates what stage of the tutorial the player is on, and their total progress through it. First, players should speak to the RuneScape guide by left-clicking him. He explains basic mechanics of the game, including how to move the player character and the camera. Next, players are told to speak to the survival expert. She teaches players the basics about Woodcutting, Firemaking, Fishing and Cooking.

After speaking to the survival expert, players should head through the gate to the west by clicking on it. Then, they should follow the path to the master chef, who teaches them more about Cooking, including how to make bread. Players should then continue out of the door and down the path to the quest guide, who will explain a little about quests and direct the player to go down the ladder to the mine underneath the island.

In the mine, players come across the mining instructor who teaches them about Mining and Smithing. The player is required to smelt a bronze bar, and then smith it into a bronze dagger. After, they proceed through the gate to the east and speak to the combat instructor, who teaches them how to kill a rat. Finally, they should head back up to the island using the ladder on the northern part of the cave.

Continuing down the path to the south, players meet the financial advisor inside the only bank on the island. He explains how to access the bank and the basic ways of making money in RuneScape. Afterwards, he directs players to the nearby church to speak to the prayer instructor, who tells the player about Prayer and the Friends and Ignore lists. Finally, players should continue out of the door and down the path to the magic instructor, who explains about Magic and the Lodestone Network.

The player must then teleport to the mainland through the Lodestone Network. The lodestones for Lumbridge and Burthorpe will be unlocked automatically when completing the tutorial.


The following music tracks are used on Tutorial Island:

Note: If a player had started playing before sounds were added in RuneScape 2, "Newbie Melody" is automatically unlocked.

Free-to-play will have the following tracks unlocked after completing Tutorial Island and appearing in Lumbridge.


The world is flat

Tutorial Island is surrounded by Unknown.

  • If the player went to the edges of the map (the very north, east, south, and west parts of the island), you would see that Tutorial Island is surrounded by a giant Unknown space.
  • There was a Wilderness Guide NPC on Tutorial Island before RuneScape 2. His purpose was to warn players about player-killing in the Wilderness.
  • The Magic Instructor used to teleport the player to Lumbridge. Before this, new players would be taken on a boat.
  • There used to be a glitch on Tutorial Island. You could die by being attacked by a giant rat while firemaking. If you died on Tutorial Island, you would arrive on Lumbridge with all the items a newcomer would have.
  • It is possible to have an account on Tutorial Island after it was removed, as long as the account was made before the update.
  • Following the release of RuneScape 2 new players used to appear on the Tutorial Island located south of the Wizards' Tower, however Jagex later created a separate version surrounded by Unknown.
  • Bunny ears were dropped on Tutorial Island during the easter event.
  • Before it was removed from the main map, if you stood near the water at the very edge behind the Wizards' Tower and used the Orb of Oculus, it was possible to see a small part of the island.
  • Previously, if standing at the south western most point of the Lumbridge Swamp, you would be able to see most of the bank on Tutorial Island. This is no longer possible as the island is not part of the main world.
  • Accessing the island when it was removed caused the Drunken Dwarf to say "Oy mate, you shouldn't be here!" where he'll throw a beer at the player, causing him/her to collapse and appear at Lumbridge.
  • On 28 August 2012 along with Big Chinchompa Minigame, on the un-updated Evolution of Combat Beta Server, if you logged out in this new area and logged back into the beta, it was possible to no clip to Tutorial Island through a huge hole in the house of the Quest guide. This made it possible to re-do the whole tutorial, although, the NPCs only talked to you if you did the original tutorial back in 2007. This glitch has since been fixed.
  • After the Wizards' Tower update along with the Rune Mysteries and Rune Memories quests, the Wizards' Tower was expanded. Due to this, if a player went south of the Wizards' Tower and attempts to teleport, they would receive a message stating that they cannot teleport away from tutorial island. This was patched 3 weeks later.



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