Twiblick night special detail

The twiblick night special is an item used during A Clockwork Syringe. It is obtained from Captain Braindeath and used to force the zombie head to tell the player where the barrelchest factory is. It must be given to Bill Teach, who will unlock it. However, when the player opens it, all that is inside is a chest filed with feminine wigs and various kinds of make-up.

If you tell Braindeath that you lost it, he will say, "Of course ye did. It wouldn't be ye without misplacing an irreplaceable, dangerous secret at least once now would it, [Player]? Fortunately for ye, it were a fake. I knew ye'd lose it." You can attempt to unlock the Twiblick night special with a lockpick/hair clip, but you will be informed that "Inside is another Twiblick night special and a note." The note is from Captain Braindeath, and says "Don't try that again."


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