Twitching orb
Twitching orb pet
Twitching orb
Release date 3 October 2017 (Update)
Members No
Race Orb
Source RuneScape's official Twitch channel
Interface Yes
Category Companion
Food None
Colour variations 1
Examine Obtained from watching a RuneScape Live Stream with your account linked to your Twitch account.
Twitching orb chathead

The Twitching orb is a companion pet given out to players who watch a LootScape-enabled livestream for the first time.

While the pet was added to the game's cache on 3 July 2017, the first opportunity to receive the pet was during the October Q&A livestream on 3 October 2017.[1]

Examining the Twitching orb displays the number of LootScape-enabled livestreams its owner has watched. The Twitching orb also performs a unique animation when its owner is resting.

Players will receive the following message if they have unlocked the pet:

You have unlocked the Twitching Orb pet.

Successfully watching a LootScape livestream will prompt the following message:

Twitching orb viewer count has been increased. Thank you for watching the stream.

Drops are awarded to eligible viewers within 24 hours of the stream finishing. This allows the information to be retrieved from Twitch before being verified and awarded to the linked RuneScape account.[2]

Twitching orb emote



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