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Captain Tyr is a high ranking leader of the Void Knights, who protect Gielinor from a race of creatures called Pests. Captain Tyr is the second-in-command of the order, behind Commodore Matthias and just ahead of Commander Korasi. Tyr features in the quest Quiet Before the Swarm, in which he eventually becomes the Commodore of the Void Knights after Matthias, along with Knight Ami, Knight Diana, Knight Bernard and Knight Mikhal, are killed in an attack on the boat from the Void Knights' Outpost to Port Sarim. He is thereafter referred to as Commodore Tyr. He can be found on the Pest Control island in the northern most building on the eastern side of the island.


  • Tyr is the god of battle in Norse/Asatru religion.
  • Tyr's name, along with Korasi's and Matthias', was revealed in a Developers' Blog on the RuneScape website named "Into the Void" released on the 22 April 2010, in a piece of concept art in the Blog.[1]
  • It appears that Tyr wears a kind of brassard, an armour that goes on the arm, in the Void Knight Style.
Void knights concept art

The concept art


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