This article is about the minigame monster. For other meanings, see Lava monster.
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The Tz-Kek (pronounced skek) is a level 124 monster found in the TzHaar Fight Cave, TzHaar Fight Pit and the Brink of Extinction. It appears first (in the Fight Cave) in Wave 3. It resembles a roughly man-high, primate-shaped creature of stone and lava. When attacked with melee, it will hit the player for 10 life points of recoil damage in a similar way to the ring of recoil. This recoil effect hits through prayer. In the Fight Cave and the Brink of Extinction, when defeated it splits into two smaller, visually different Tz-Keks, who have no recoil effects. The ones in the Fight Pit do not split and do not have the recoil effect.

It is suggested that one ranges the larger Tz-Kek from a distance and heals from the smaller variants with Guthan's or Soul Split if using this method in the Fight Cave.


  • Despite what their examine text implies, they do not appear to self-destruct when left alone for over ten minutes. The level 124 variety also does not split until its life points reach zero.
  • They previously had the examine text of "Looks like living lava..."
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