This article is about the TzHaar monster. For the Summoning familiar, see Spirit Tz-Kih.
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The Tz-Kih is a monster found in the TzHaar Fight Pit and Fight Cave. They also appear during The Brink of Extinction.

Fight Cave

In the fight cave, it is the first enemy encountered. It resembles a fiery bat and can hit up to 200 life points. Each hit it inflicts on a player, whether it inflicts damage or not, will drain the player's Prayer points. With every successful hit, it will drain 10 prayer points.

It is advised to prioritise killing these with ranged or magic as their prayer draining ability can make later waves harder and to trap them behind larger monsters where possible.


  • The name Tz-Kih in the TzHaar language means Fire Fly.
  • This creature also has a spirit familiar equivalent in the Summoning skill.
  • Its examine text was previously "Hangs out in caves."
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