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TzHaar-Ket (Hardened) chathead

TzHaar-Ket (Hardened) is a monster fought during The Elder Kiln. They are stronger versions of TzHaar-Ket, that are considered veterans of the Fight Pits.

Players have to fight up to two of them during The Elder Kiln, to protect Ga'al-Jeh. The hardened TzHaar-Ket will first fight each other, during this time it's recommended to leave them alone. The victor would then attack Ga'al-Jeh directly, and the player should attack it to get their attention, but they will not initiate combat with players on their own.

Another TzHaar-Ket (Hardened) is defeated by the Ga'al-Xox, after the latter is infused with the Ket-Yit'tal's TokKul.

Like ordinary TzHaar-Ket, these only attack with melee, but they hit hard and can easily kill an unprepared player. It is recommended that, if possible, players use Protect/Deflect Melee while fighting these.

There is currently a glitch that causes them to follow the player but not retaliate when attacked. They might also walk up to Ga'al-Jeh without attacking.

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