Not to be confused with TzHaar mine.
TzHaar City mine
Tzhaar city mine
Release date 19 September 2005 (Update)
Also known as TzHaar gold and silver mine
Location South-west of TzHaar entrance, south-east of TzHaar bank.
Members Yes
Monsters None
Requirements None
Main music Unknown edit
TzHaarCity mine

TzHaar City mine is a mine located in TzHaar City which contains 3 gold rocks and 3 silver rocks. It is a short distance from a bank to the north-east, so players are often in the mine. The mine is surrounded by non-aggressive TzHaars which players can safely range or mage from a distance using the rocks in the mine as a barrier. This mine could also be useful to train Smithing as players can mine the ore and then smelt them into bars in the nearby lava forge whilst waiting for ores to respawn. However, the mine is rarely used due to the relatively low value of the ores, and long respawn times for the ores.

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