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This article is a strategy guide for TzHaar Fight Cave.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page.

The TzHaar Fight Cave is a challenging Combat minigames in RuneScape where players must fight through 62 waves of TzHaar monsters, encountering the fearsome TzTok-Jad on wave 63.

If the player tries to log out in the cave, the game will log them out at the end of the ongoing wave. Attempting to log out a second time will log the player immediately, but the player will have to repeat the interrupted wave.



There are no enforced skill requirements for the Fight Cave. However, at least level 40 Prayer is extremely recommended for access to Protection prayers as TzTok-Jad is able to kill even the most prepared players in few hits without the use of them. Access to Soul Split can remove the need of any other kind of healing, making it very useful for lasting through the Fight Caves as well.

Players are also recommended to have at least 70 in their preferred combat skills in order to be able to use decent weapons and armour that will help to clear the waves faster and minimise the damage taken.

There are no recommendations for Summoning level, as Summoning familiars cannot be taken into the cave.


Magic is the recommended Combat style to use in the Fight Caves due to the large amount of encountered TzHaar monsters being weak to Water spells. Especially using Ice spells from the Ancient Magicks can be helpful, as their binding effect can help to prevent some of the monsters from attacking with Melee.

However, players with lower levels may wish to bring weapon switches to be able to use the Weaknesses of the wide variety of the monsters. In this case, wearing hybrid armour such as Void Knight equipment is recommended.

Another great alternative to both Hybridding and using just one style is Obsidian armour. It reduces damage from TzHaar monsters by 45%, or 55% including the kiteshield, and it increases your accuracy against them by 10% according to the style of the worn helm, similar to Void Knight equipment. Obtaining Obsidian armour requires the completion of The Brink of Extinction and 80 Smithing.

If on a TzHaar Slayer task, the full slayer helmet's bonuses will apply in the cave. These bonuses also apply to Obsidian helms from the obsidian armour set.

A sign of life revives the player if they receive a killing blow, and as such it is invaluable against TzTok-Jad. A sign is consumed on activation and has a cooldown of one hour.


Crystal bow.pngKaril's coif.pngKaril's top.pngKaril's skirt.png
Guthan's warspear.pngGuthan's helm.pngGuthan's platebody.pngGuthan's chainskirt.png
Enhanced Excalibur.pngSaradomin brew flask (6).pngSaradomin brew flask (6).pngSaradomin brew flask (6).png
Saradomin brew flask (6).pngSaradomin brew flask (6).pngSaradomin brew flask (6).pngSaradomin brew flask (6).png
Saradomin brew flask (6).pngSaradomin brew flask (6).pngSaradomin brew flask (6).pngSaradomin brew flask (6).png
Super restore flask (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).png
Super restore flask (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).pngWater rune.pngBlood rune.png
Crystal bow.pngSaradomin godsword.pngEnhanced Excalibur.pngSaradomin brew flask (6).png
Saradomin brew flask (6).pngSaradomin brew flask (6).pngSaradomin brew flask (6).pngSaradomin brew flask (6).png
Saradomin brew flask (6).pngSaradomin brew flask (6).pngSaradomin brew flask (6).pngSaradomin brew flask (6).png
Saradomin brew flask (6).pngSaradomin brew flask (6).pngSaradomin brew flask (6).pngSaradomin brew flask (6).png
Rocktail.pngRocktail.pngSuper restore flask (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).png
Super restore flask (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).png
Super restore flask (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).pngWater rune.pngBlood rune.png

Fill your remaining inventory space with Saradomin brew and super restore flasks. You can also bring a few rocktails for emergency healing against TzTok-Jad.

Because Saradomin brew drains your combat skills, using them is only recommended in conjunction with Overloads or Super restore potions. When using Super restores, wait until you have lost about 3000 life points (and preferably some prayer points), before drinking three doses of Saradomin brew followed by one dose of Super restore.

Players with Soul Split and higher tier weapons will need little to no other healing methods, so they can replace most of their Saradomin brew flasks with Prayer flasks instead.

If owned, Enhanced Excalibur should be taken as a source of unlimited, though restricted, healing.

Tips for the waves

A map of the Fight Cave.

Stand in the south-western part of the cave at the start of each wave, under the crook of the projecting west wall. Any monsters that do not spawn to the south will be lured onto the rock where they cannot attack you, preventing several monsters from attacking you at once. Ice spells will bind foes in the open, greatly reducing the damage you take from Tz-Kihs, Tz-Keks, and Yt-MejKots, as well as prevent the Tz-Kihs' prayer drain and the Yt-MejKots' healing.

If you lure a Yt-MejKot so you can attack it from afar, you can target it and farm adrenaline by using defensive abilities (or perhaps basic abilities with a weak auto-cast).



TzTok-Jad has a maximum hit of at least 8000 and hits fairly accurately. Survival depends on watching TzTok-Jad's movements - an animation precedes the attack, telling the player which prayer to use.

  • Ranged: TzTok-Jad slams his front legs onto the ground making large cracks appear in the ground at his feet, followed by a boulder falling on the player. Players should activate Protect from Ranged as soon as they can see TzTok-Jad preparing to perform this attack. TzTok-Jad usually opens the fight with a Ranged attack, so having Protect from Ranged on before the final wave starts is advised.

Do note, however, that sometimes TzTok-Jad will still start with a Magic attack; one should be extremely cautious of this when approaching TzTok-Jad at the start of the fight.

  • Magic: TzTok-Jad will dip his head down and then rear up, standing up straight and will begin to breathe fire after about half a second. You can hear him inhale/growl loudly while rearing up and before he actually attacks, so having sounds turned on may help to identify the attack.

Similar to the Ranged attack, players should activate Protect from Magic as soon as they can see TzTok-Jad preparing to attack with Magic.

  • Melee: TzTok-Jad slashes the player with his right claw. This is the fastest of TzTok-Jads attacks, and no warning is given for it.

However, the melee attack can be easily avoided altogether by simply staying out of melee distance.

Although somewhat slow, all of these attacks can deal enough damage to kill even the most prepared player in few hits without the use of correct Protection prayer. If the player gets hit by TzTok-Jad, they should not panic or consume a large amount of food or potions in one go. Try to stay calm and focused, and heal once every time he attacks while prioritising prayer switching.


When TzTok-Jad is down to half health, he will summon four Yt-HurKots to heal him, effectively causing him to regenerate health endlessly until they are either killed, lured away from TzTok-Jad or trapped. They will respawn only if they healed TzTok-Jad back to full health and are then killed. An easy way to deal with the Yt-HurKots is to attack them once in order to make them attack you, drawing them away from TzTok-Jad. Their melee attacks hit up to 250, so with decent Defence level and good equipment, they should not be extremely dangerous - one should always watch their health, though. Alternatively, when all of the Yt-HurKots are attacking the player, running through TzTok-Jad will cause them to become trapped behind him. However, this makes the player vulnerable to TzTok-Jad's melee attacks, and as such it's not advised unless the player is experienced.

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