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#360, 360
#360, 360
#702 [[TzTok-Jad]], four Level 108 healers when TzTok-Jad is at half health, (try to kill them first if you still have supplies)
#702 [[TzTok-Jad]], four Level 108 healers when TzTok-Jad is at half health, (try to kill them first if you still have supplies)
A possibly easy way to remember this is that in each wave with 2 of the same level monster, the next will have 1 of the next higher level monster instead of the 2, and if all the monsters have different levels, an extra Tz-Kih appears.
The toughest rounds are rounds:58, 60 and 63(Jad)
The toughest rounds are rounds:58, 60 and 63(Jad)

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The TzHaar Fight Cave is an advanced area in RuneScape introduced in October 2005. It is a safe combat minigame in TzHaar City, which means if you die, you will retain all of the items you do not use up in the fighting, such as food. Up until the release date, the Kalphite Queen had been the most powerful of all creatures within RuneScape. However, the introduction of the TzHaar Fight Cave created 2 monsters, the level 702 TzTok-Jad and the level 360 Ket-Zek, both of which are higher in level. However, the Kalphite Queen is widely regarded to be more difficult to defeat than the level 360 Ket-Zek, despite her lower combat level. More recently the Corporeal Beast has been added to the game which has been the most powerful creature ever since.


Deep under the ground of Karamja, a new species of creature has been discovered. This was introduced in early October 2005. To find the entrance to this underground city, or TzHaar, players must go into the volcano dungeon on Karamja. Once there, players will see a cave entrance, which leads to TzHaar.


The residents here are much stronger than most places, which is to be expected from a race living inside a volcano, and have devised many tests of skill and strength. Some, like the TzHaar fight pit, are meant as tournaments between bold adventurers. However, the TzHaar Fight Cave pits adventurers against a succession of waves of monsters, each harder than the last. To get to the final boss, the immensely powerful Level 702 TzTok-Jad, players must battle past six other types of monsters ranging from level 22 up to level 360. Each of these monsters require a different tactic by the player, though, due to the structure of the mini-game, most of them are best fought from a distance.

They generally have high attack and strength, along with a special ability, but low HP and defence. Players are able to hit high and often on them.

The monsters are in order of appearance by wave number:

Level Image Name HP Attack Max hit Notes
22 File:Tz kih.gif Tz-Kih 10 Melee 4 Drains prayer, when in Melee range, by the amount of damage done +1 (e.g. If it hits 0 HP, it will drain 1 Prayer). They hit up to 4 damage and therefore drain up to 5 prayer points at a time. Should always be a player's first priority as Prayer is your most valuable resource in the caves.
45 Tzkek-45 Tz-Kek 20 Melee 7 Inflicts 1 HP of recoil damage when hit by any Melee attack. These are the least dangerous monsters in the cave, and should be a player's lowest priority to kill. They can also be safe spotted. However, if you are trying to conserve Hitpoints, try not to melee these as they will inflict 1 recoil damage and can hit up to 7, but not often. When it dies, 2 level 22 Tz-Keks take its place.
22 Tzkek-22 Tz-Kek 10 Melee 7 2 of these appear when a level 45 Tz-Kek is killed; they do not have the recoil effect. These are harmless to any player with a chance of acquiring the cape and are good source of health while using Guthan's.
90 150px Tok-Xil 40


Melee if close. (attacks look similar)

13 Has high accuracy and strength, but low defence and hitpoints. Protect from Missiles prayer is advised, but not necessary. In waves where both Tok-Xil and Ket-Zek is present, players should kill the Tok-Xil first with Protect from Magic on (unless a Tz-Kih is nearby) before its damage begins building up. You can also poison it and rest in the safespot.
180 Yt-MejKot Yt-MejKot 80 Melee 28 Can heal itself and other monsters, but only when in its attacking you. Trapping it behind a rock (such as the Italy rock) and safe-spotting it is recommended. When there is a Yt-MejKot and a Ket-Zek on the same wave, try to run around the Ket-Zek so the Yt-MejKot will get stuck. Avoid getting in melee range, as it can hit up to 28.
360 150px Ket-Zek 160 Magic, Melee 50+ Uses Magic and melee attacks. Range these while using Protect from magic. Both types of attacks are known to hit well over 50 damage at best, so it is advised to use protection prayers at all times. It is possible to use melee or magic against the Ket-Zek, however it is highly recommended to use ranged-based attacks. Also defeating a Ket-Zek is a Hard task for Karamja Diary. The Ket-Zek hits incredibly hard and consistently with melee (Constant 50+s) so if you must melee it, use protection prayers!


226px TzTok-Jad 250 Melee, Magic, Ranged 98 Uses Range, melee, and magic attacks. See text for more details.
108 Yt-HurKot Yt-HurKot 60 Melee 14 Appears when TzTok-Jad is at half HP to heal it; range it in order to distract healing. Killing them is also optional. Can heal itself when in melee range like its cousin the Yt-MejKot.

The goal of the Fight Cave is to reach and defeat the level 702 TzTok-Jad, this is however painstaking and very long to do, players will need to keep focus and not panic if they wish to succeed. Unlike the Kalphite Queen, players cannot team up against these monsters.


Main article: TzTok-Jad
File:Runescapehd monsters tztokjad.gif

TzTok-Jad (commonly referred to as "Jad") is the final monster encountered in the TzHaar Fight Cave Minigame. Examining the monster yields the discouraging message "This is going to hurt..." TzTok-Jad is also the 2nd highest level monster in all of RuneScape that players can fight with conventional methods (the highest level monster is the Corporeal beast). Those who are skilled enough to defeat it are in for a grand reward, namely the Fire cape, considered one of  the better capes in the game (it is also the only animated cape in the game!).

Tactical analysis

In order for one to reach TzTok-Jad, one must first endure 62 rounds of fighting progressively tougher monsters. The current round that the player is on is recorded on the screen. TzTok-Jad himself is a level 702, huge, four-legged behemoth and uses Magic, Melee, & Ranged attacks - he will only melee you when you are adjacent to him; otherwise he alternates between using Magic and Range. All of these can deal enough damage in a single blow to kill even the most powerful of players if not guarded against via using the correct protection prayer, as TzTok-Jad has a maximum hit of 97. When TzTok-Jad is down to half health, he will summon four Yt-HurKots (level 108 with 60 HP and tiny in comparison) which will heal him, effectively causing him to regenerate endlessly until you deal with them. In order to stop them from healing, you need to hit them once to draw their attention to you. The Yt-HurKots' melee attacks hit up to 14, so to repel these attacks, turn on the Steel Skin prayer, or kill them. Alternatively, when all of them are attacking you, simply run through TzTok-Jad and they will become trapped behind him (this is not advised unless you are experienced and know his actions). You can use a bow such as Karil's crossbow or the Crystal bow to attack.

Note: Its recommended to not kill healers, unless you think you are fast enough to kill Jad in 10 seconds after healers are dead. After 19.01.2010 update, healers will respawn in 10 seconds after all healers are dead!

Note: When attacking the healers with a bow/crossbow to turn their attention to you, it is advised to set the attack style to longrange first, otherwise you may walk too close to TzTok-Jad, and get hit by its melee attack.

Note: If you get hit hard by Jad, DO NOT power eat or panic, stay calm, relaxed, and focused. Heal once every time he attacks.

Survival depends on watching his movements; he warns the player before attacking with non-melee attacks. By listening for certain sounds and watching his forelegs prior to his attack, he/she can switch to the appropriate protection prayer and avoid severe damage. Between these attacks the player must switch as quick as possible otherwise he/she could experience hits up to 97s. One way to do this a little quicker is to use the keys "f1" (inventory) and "f3" (prayer), if one wastes even less than a second, the results could be fatal.

Reaching TzTok-Jad takes a considerable amount of time and resources, requiring usually 2–3 hours of continuous playing and a considerable number of potions. At 90+ range however, it can take as little as just over an hour to get to the final wave.


Actually defeating TzTok-Jad requires a huge amount of persistence and determination, as TzTok-Jad is rarely defeated in the first few tries from even the best RuneScape players.

Contrary to popular belief, a player's Ranged or Combat Level to a point do not considerably affect the player's performance in the Fight Caves, as the immense difficulty of dealing with the trials and the final battle with TzTok-Jad still remains. A higher defence level, however, DOES help the player to get to TzTok-Jad easier, as the player can equip better armour and will get hit less often.

For players who wish to save their high-healing foods for later fights may choose to find a safespot and wait until their hitpoints heal. This is very time consuming, but casting a Lunar Dream spell, having a bracelet of regeneration equip or Rapid Heal turned on or simply using Rest will speed up the healing process. An Enhanced excalibur is very helpful here, it can heal 20 hitpoints and boosts your defence level every 5 minutes.


Fighting TzTok-Jad requires the use of prayer. As mentioned earlier, you can tell what type of attack he will use before it hits you. The following are the prayers to use to protect yourself:

  • Ranged: He will raise his feet up, and then slam them down right away. Quickly turn on Protect from Missiles when he raises his feet.
  • Magic: He will tilt his head down (facing the floor) as a large asteroid like object forms, which he then he lunges towards you when he looks back up. Quickly, turn on Protect from Magic.
  • Melee: He will only attack using melee if you are standing beside him.

Note: It is also possible to use the Ancient Curses from The Temple at Senntisten to protect from his attacks. The Deflect Curses are very useful, as they work and drain the same way the normal protection prayers do, (the Curses can also be used against Yt-MejKot, Ket-Zek and Tok-Xil) and have a chance of dealing some helpful damage to the enemies attacking (up to 9 on TzTok-Jad, since its maximum hit is 97) It is widely believed that the Deflect Curses deal 10% of damage of what the enemy would have caused. The disadvantage is you need at least 68 prayer (if using range) or 71 (if using melee for TzTok-Jad.)

Recommended Setups

There are generally two approaches to get through the caves. One is using Guthan's and ranged, the other is using ranged only. Magic is ineffective in the caves as a vast quantity of runes is needed, and all the monsters have high magic defence. Note that these setups are only a suggestion, and they can vary from player to player depending on skill levels.

Cheap, Successful Setup (recommended)

Many players use high-priced objects, such as Guthan's armor, blessed dragonhide, or even Armadyl armor. If you are a level around levels 80-90, you might want to use this setup for any of your attempts on doing and successfully completing the Fight Caves. Make sure that no monster melee you except the level 45s and the descendants of the level 45 which are two 22s. All other monsters are most likely to inflict high damage, and even the low-levelled Tz-Kih can heavily penalize you with a melee attack capable of draining several seconds worth of prayer points per hit.

This is a recommended minimalist equipment setup which is around 1.5-2M per trip:

Here is a suggested inventory:

Note: This is a ranged-only setup, since you will only be using a rune crossbow. Ava's accumulator is highly recommended item to bring, as bolts will be rapidly used up, and you will want to use all the bolts you possibly can.

Guthan's Setup

Many players use Guthan's in the early waves as it helps conserve food, and it also has reasonable defence. Players would normally use Guthan's until the Yt-MejKots appear, in which the player would then switch to his/her ranged setup. However, they could still heal on monsters in later waves to replenish their health when needed. Ideal monsters to heal on are Tz-Kih, Tz-Kek, and Tok-Xil. Yt-MejKot's are also ideal to heal on if you are using a safe spot, this is done by hiding in the safe spot, hitting Yt-Mejkot and running back to the safe spot. But it should be noted that when you run back to your safe spot you should wait until its HP bar goes away so it will not attack you.

Here is a suggested equipment setup if you are using Guthan's:

And here is the suggested inventory to go with it:

Ranged-only Setup

The ranged-only setup involves using ranged all the way through to the end. Many players say this is harder than using Guthan's, as more food and/or potions is required, and you would take more damage. However, it isn't very difficult to make it to the end using only ranged, and it's a good alternative to people who can't afford Guthan's. As you'll be taking more damage, it is highly recommended to maximise your defence bonus (especially slash and ranged, to help defend against Tok-Xil and Yt-HurKot), as well as prayer and ranged attack. Falador Shield 3 gives 100% prayer point restore once per day and a +7 static prayer bonus, making it a good shield alternative to the Elysian shield and the Dragonfire shield. Falador shields 1 and 2 are not recommended as their statistics and prayer restore percentages are not very effective, although, with a good prayer level of 60+, the 50% prayer restore of shield 2 can be useful. Players may find using multiple hand cannons extremely useful getting through this minigame (as there is a chance a hand cannon will break) .

Here is the suggested equipment setup if you are using ranged only:

And here is the suggested inventory to go with it:

Note: While using Crystal bows, players will find that they will reach Jad with their bow at 2/10. Most players using this method find it wise to bring two Crystal bows, or just one and Karils c'bow for Jad.

Note: If you have completed the Seer's Village Achievement Diary then you might want to bring the enhanced Excalibur instead of a Saradomin brew. The enhanced Excalibur special takes the entire special attack bar but it heals you by 20 hp and boosts your defence by 15%.

Pure's Setup

This pure's setup expects you have a defence level of 20 or below, and are willing to spend at least 500K-1M on a Fight Caves attempt. Achieving the Fire Cape on a low defence pure is a great achievement.

It is recommended to have at least these stats for a relatively easier fight caves trip:

  • 80 Ranged +
  • 44 Prayer or Higher
  • 80 Hitpoints +

Here is the Recommended inventory to have:

  • 10 Saradomin Brews (4 Dose)
  • 200 + Purple Sweets
  • 17 Super restore Potions(4 Dose)

The Recommended Gear to use is as follows:

  • Any Mitre (Zamorak , Guthix , Saradomin)
  • Monk's robe (Top)
  • Black Dragonhide (Chaps)
  • Climbing / Ranger Boots
  • Rune Crossbow
  • Fury / Glory
  • 1000-2000 Diamond Bolts ( e )
  • Ava's attractor/Ava's Accumulator
  • Archers Ring (the imbued one helps slightly)
  • Regen Bracelet
  • (Optional) 2,000 Rune , Adamant , or Broad Bolts

On a low defence pure, Fight caves can be extremely challenging. So it is recommended to study the caves and many guides before attempting. You will be hit very hard by the level 90's. It is recommended on Jad, when the healers come, to pray steel skin to help aid your low defence against them for a short period of time.

Alternative method

Higher levelled players may find that the Saradomin Godsword is a useful weapon to bring into the caves. This allows for regular boosts in prayer and hitpoints. This eliminates the need for food up until Jad (in most circumstances), and cuts down on prayer restore potion usage.

Despite some of the lower levelled creatures having 10 or 20 hp, players can still heal the equivalent to what they would have hit, should the given monster have had more hitpoints. The saradomin godsword heals on a 1:2 ratio to hitpoints (and 1:4 for prayer), meaning that a hit of 40 damage will restore 20 hitpoints (as well as 10 prayer!).

The Saradomin Godsword is best used in conjunction with range (for details of equipment, see above). Using the two methods, rangers can afford to be a little more relaxed as to the damage they receive, due to the fact that they will find they are able to use one special attack per round from roughly round 20.

An effective method of using range and the godsword, is to use a Crystal bow (or alternative) as you otherwise would, and save a Tz-Kek for last, and healing on that to prepare for the next round. Sometimes even using a Dragon halberd on some of the monsters while they are stuck can save some bolts or crystal bow charges.

Recommended Levels

To complete the fight caves, it is strongly recommended you have the following skill levels:


Fire cape closeup

A close up of the Fire Cape.

If one is successful in completing all the waves and defeating TzTok-Jad, they receive 16,064 Tokkul and the much-coveted fire cape. This cape has an animated "lava" pattern. The animation shows lava flowing downwards continually.

The Fire Cape is widely considered the best cape in RuneScape. It provides more protection (+11 in all defence bonuses) than the Cape of Legends (+7), the skillcapes (+9) and the Obsidian cape (+9). It is, of course, non-tradeable. The only capes better in any area are the God capes which provide a higher magic offensive bonus only, Ava's attractor or accumulator in ranged attack bonus, and trimmed Capes of achievement as well as Vestment cloaks  Soul Wars cape, and the Ardougne cloak 2 and 3 which are only higher in prayer.

Defeating TzTok-Jad subsequently after obtaining the Fire Cape awards the player with another Fire Cape and 16,064 Tokkul, allowing you to have more than one fire cape at a time. Any spare fire capes can also be sold to TzHaar-Mej-Jal for 16,064 Tokkul per cape.

If a player dies in the fight caves, they will still get Tokkul, but not as much as they would if they defeated TzTok-Jad. The further a player gets, the more Tokkul and if one dies at TzTok-Jad then they will only receive 8,800 Tokkul, about half the amount than if the player defeats TzTok-Jad.

As of 9 November 2009, defeating the Fight Cave and TzTok-Jad rewards the player with double Tokkul.


File:Fight Caves Map.png

The Italy Rock, named for its striking resemblance to the country of Italy, is on the east wall, just south of the entrance. This is an ideal area for safespot ranging . It is generally considered a safer tactic to stay to the north of the Italy Rock as most of the monsters spawn on the southern side, preventing them from hitting you unexpectedly.

A useful spot to range/mage the lvl180 Yt-MejKots is in the north-west "cave" standing against the east wall there. The lvl180 Yt-MejKots will almost always get trapped there so you can safely range/mage them. This is useful on waves like 30 and 61, where you get attacked by two Yt-MejKots at once.

Wave breakdown

  1. 22
  2. 22, 22
  3. 45
  4. 45, 22
  5. 45, 22, 22
  6. 45, 45
  7. 90
  8. 90, 22
  9. 90, 22, 22
  10. 90, 45
  11. 90, 45, 22
  12. 90, 45, 22, 22
  13. 90, 45, 45
  14. 90, 90
  15. 180
  16. 180, 22
  17. 180, 22, 22
  18. 180, 45
  19. 180, 45, 22
  20. 180, 45, 22, 22
  21. 180, 45, 45
  22. 180, 90
  23. 180, 90, 22
  24. 180, 90, 22, 22
  25. 180, 90, 45
  26. 180, 90, 45, 22
  27. 180, 90, 45, 22, 22
  28. 180, 90, 45, 45
  29. 180, 90, 90
  30. 180, 180
  31. 360
  32. 360, 22
  33. 360, 22, 22
  34. 360, 45
  35. 360, 45, 22
  36. 360, 45, 22, 22
  37. 360, 45, 45
  38. 360, 90 (this is where it starts to gets harder)
  39. 360, 90, 22
  40. 360, 90, 22, 22
  41. 360, 90, 45
  42. 360, 90, 45, 22
  43. 360, 90, 45, 22, 22
  44. 360, 90, 45, 45
  45. 360, 90, 90
  46. 360, 180
  47. 360, 180, 22
  48. 360, 180, 22, 22
  49. 360, 180, 45
  50. 360, 180, 45, 22
  51. 360, 180, 45, 22, 22
  52. 360, 180, 45, 45
  53. 360, 180, 90
  54. 360, 180, 90, 22
  55. 360, 180, 90, 22, 22
  56. 360, 180, 90, 45
  57. 360, 180, 90, 45, 22
  58. 360, 180, 90, 45, 22, 22
  59. 360, 180, 90, 45, 45
  60. 360, 180, 90, 90
  61. 360, 180, 180
  62. 360, 360
  63. 702 TzTok-Jad, four Level 108 healers when TzTok-Jad is at half health, (try to kill them first if you still have supplies)

A possibly easy way to remember this is that in each wave with 2 of the same level monster, the next will have 1 of the next higher level monster instead of the 2, and if all the monsters have different levels, an extra Tz-Kih appears.

The toughest rounds are rounds:58, 60 and 63(Jad)


  • When the mini-game originally came out, players could use the Dwarf multicannon in there. This was remedied shortly thereafter.
  • TzTok-Jad originally only used Range and Melee; however, Jagex later added Magic to his attacks so players couldn't kill TzTok-Jad as easily.
  • When the mini-game was first released, you could not log out during the fight caves without giving up all of your progress. It is now possible logout during the fight caves and pick up where you left off. When the logout button is clicked, the player will receive an option to logout immediately or at the end of the current wave. If they chose to logout immediately, the player will be resume from the beginning of the wave.
  • When summoning was released, scrolls could be brought to the caves and familiars summoned. This was probably fixed with the release of TokTz-Ket-Dill Quest.
  • Before the random event update it was possible to receive Genie, Evil Chicken, and Jekyll and Hyde Random Events inside the fight caves. This was to combat a problem with botting inside the caves for training purposes. These events were removed with the update, and random events do not occur in the Fight Cave anymore.
File:Ket-zek resting.jpg
  • The fight caves can also be used as a place to recover for players killing Tzhaar monsters when their prayer/hp is low. This is effective because it is faster to die in the caves than to go find a prayer altar.
  • Players that have completed the quest As a First Resort... may find the sulfur, salt-water, and thermal spas to be very useful.
  • If you are low on potions, food or the like when there is only one or two monsters left to kill, trapping them on the other side of the Italy rock can allow you to rest and regenerate health without using supplies.
  • The monsters' levels double as the waves increase. The first monster is level 22, 22+22 is 44 which is rounded up to be 45. This makes the next monster level 45. 45+45 is 90, making the next monster level 90. 90+90 is 180 making the next monster level 180. 180+180 is 360, making the next monster level 360. Finally, 360+360 is 720, which was rounded down to make TzTok-Jad at level 702.
  • It is possible to get around around 45-50k Ranged experience by using the range only method while completing the Fight Caves. Note that this depends on how much the Jad heals, how much is hit on the healers, and if the level 180 heals.

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