Ugthanki meat detail

Ugthanki meat is obtained after cooking raw ugthanki meat, which is dropped by Ugthanki. The meat can be cooked at any Cooking level, granting 40 Cooking experience.

The meat can be eaten alone to restore 200 life points, although its primary use is for making Ugthanki kebabs. The meat must be used on a bowl of onion & tomato to make a kebab mix, which can then be used on pitta bread to make the finished kebab.


Tools/utensils None
Ingredients Raw ugthanki meat
Cooking level 1
Burn level Never (99 with Cooking cape)
Cooking experience 40
Range-only No
Instructions Use raw ugthanki meat on a fire or a range.
Servings 1


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  • Even though it does not have a Cooking level requirement, the chance of burning is inconsistent with the Cooking level since the meat can still be burned even at level 99 Cooking (unless wearing a Cooking cape.
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