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Ulthven Kreath

Ulthven Kreath is an ancient underwater sunken temple, once built and inhabited by Dragonkin, first encountered in the Pieces of Hate quest, where the player fights Rabid Jack. After the quest, the temple may be revisited using a rowboat at the south-west beach of Mos Le'Harmless.

Four murals can be found on western wall of the temple which can be deciphered to obtain 50,000 Agility experience, 50,000 Construction experience, 50,000 Firemaking experience, and 50,000 Thieving experience, requiring level 85 in each of those skills (not boostable). Doing that is a requirement for the master quest cape and unlocks the Roake Kal achievement. The four murals must be deciphered in order: Thieving, Agility, Firemaking, and Construction. If you do not have the level for an earlier mural, you cannot decipher the following murals either.

During the fight with Rabid Jack, a large black hand(speculated to be Xau-Tak) will appear in the large hole in the middle of the temple. This hole is a portal to another world or dimension but it is closed with a giant stopper at the end of the quest after Rabid Jack falls into the hole.


The murals explain a little bit about the lore behind the temple and they contain some short phrases in the Dragonkin language.

  • Kranon Cras Roake Pthen.
  • Kreath lac Roakin... Drakkerkin Skek...
  • Skekkin Kath Rath! Kranon Roakin Rak
  • Vek... Skek... Chen... Ulthven... Fia...



  • "Kreath" means shadow, darkness or black in Dragonkin language.
  • There is a door in the sunken temple that has an "Open" option but is not possible to open because the square in front of it can't be walked on. There is also a Shimmering Barrier that cannot be walked through.
  • The dragonkin research book refers to Ulthven Kreath as "the sunken black", suggesting it to be a literal translation of the name.
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