Umbral chest detail

Umbral chests are chests that can be opened to receive a guaranteed super-rare prize, destroying the chests. Two were given as rewards to members of Twitch Prime as part of an offer from 26 July to 19 September 2018 and from 18 June to 15 July 2019.

When claiming the promotion, ironmen were not given the chests.

Potential loot

Umbral chest interface

The interface and animation for umbral chests

The chest can be right-clicked to see the following rewards.

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Lucky chaotic staffLucky chaotic staff1UnknownNot sold
Coins 10000Coins200,000,000Unknown200,000,000
Bad weather umbrellaBad weather umbrella1UnknownNot sold
Octopus backpackOctopus backpack1UnknownNot sold
Glowbug in a jarGlowbug in a jar1UnknownNot sold
Oriental fanOriental fan1UnknownNot sold
Telescope (Treasure Hunter)Telescope (Treasure Hunter)1UnknownNot sold
Balloon rest tokenBalloon rest token1UnknownNot sold
PollyPolly1UnknownNot sold
Springy pet tokenSpringy pet token1UnknownNot sold
Ban hammer (70)Ban hammer1UnknownNot sold
Balancing wand (70)Balancing wand1UnknownNot sold
Twang crossbowTwang crossbow1UnknownNot sold
Lucky coinLucky coin1UnknownNot sold
Map hatMap hat1UnknownNot sold
Potion hatPotion hat1UnknownNot sold
Chic scarf (black)Chic scarf1UnknownNot sold
Hype trainHype train1UnknownNot sold
Ocean's Archer Bow tokenOcean's Archer Bow token1Unknown238,365
Ocean's Archer Head tokenOcean's Archer Head token1Unknown254,517
Ocean's Archer Body and Hands tokenOcean's Archer Body and Hands token1Unknown476,204
Ocean's Archer Legs and Feet tokenOcean's Archer Legs and Feet token1Unknown366,342
Ocean's Archer Crossbow tokenOcean's Archer Crossbow token1Unknown130,544
Purified swords tokenPurified swords token1Unknown1,792,733
Purified greatsword tokenPurified greatsword token1Unknown1,116,852
Purified shortbow tokenPurified shortbow token1Unknown702,172
Purified wand and orb tokenPurified wand and orb token1Unknown1,073,075
Purified staff tokenPurified staff token1Unknown1,766,092
Purified halberd tokenPurified halberd token1Unknown319,087
Purified crossbow tokenPurified crossbow token1Unknown1,727,056
Purified 2h crossbow tokenPurified 2h crossbow token1Unknown333,456
Huge lamp chest (Twitch Prime)Huge lamp chest (Twitch Prime)1UnknownNot sold
Protean hideProtean hide1,000UnknownNot sold
Protean barProtean bar1,000UnknownNot sold
Protean trapProtean trap1,000UnknownNot sold
Protean logsProtean logs1,000UnknownNot sold
Protean memoryProtean memory1,000UnknownNot sold
Protean cogProtean cog1,000UnknownNot sold
Protean plankProtean plank1,000UnknownNot sold
Silverhawk feathers 5Silverhawk feathers300Unknown6,016,200
Rare item tokensRare item tokens4,000UnknownNot sold
Lucky chaotic rapierLucky chaotic rapier1UnknownNot sold
Lucky off-hand chaotic rapierLucky off-hand chaotic rapier1UnknownNot sold
Lucky chaotic longswordLucky chaotic longsword1UnknownNot sold
Lucky off-hand chaotic longswordLucky off-hand chaotic longsword1UnknownNot sold
Lucky chaotic clawLucky chaotic claw1UnknownNot sold
Lucky off-hand chaotic clawLucky off-hand chaotic claw1UnknownNot sold
Lucky chaotic maulLucky chaotic maul1UnknownNot sold
Lucky chaotic spearLucky chaotic spear1UnknownNot sold
Lucky chaotic crossbowLucky chaotic crossbow1UnknownNot sold
Lucky off-hand chaotic crossbowLucky off-hand chaotic crossbow1UnknownNot sold
Lucky chaotic kiteshieldLucky chaotic kiteshield1UnknownNot sold
Lucky eagle-eye kiteshieldLucky eagle-eye kiteshield1UnknownNot sold
Lucky farseer kiteshieldLucky farseer kiteshield1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Armadyl chestplateLucky Armadyl chestplate1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Armadyl crossbowLucky Armadyl crossbow1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Armadyl helmetLucky Armadyl helmet1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Armadyl chainskirtLucky Armadyl chainskirt1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Armadyl godswordLucky Armadyl godsword1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Bandos chestplateLucky Bandos chestplate1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Bandos godswordLucky Bandos godsword1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Bandos helmetLucky Bandos helmet1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Bandos tassetsLucky Bandos tassets1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Saradomin swordLucky Saradomin sword1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Saradomin godswordLucky Saradomin godsword1UnknownNot sold
Lucky garb of subjugationLucky garb of subjugation1UnknownNot sold
Lucky gown of subjugationLucky gown of subjugation1UnknownNot sold
Lucky hood of subjugationLucky hood of subjugation1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Zamorakian spearLucky Zamorakian spear1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Zamorak godswordLucky Zamorak godsword1UnknownNot sold
Off-hand Lucky Armadyl crossbowOff-hand Lucky Armadyl crossbow1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Ahrim's hoodLucky Ahrim's hood1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Ahrim's robe topLucky Ahrim's robe top1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Ahrim's robe skirtLucky Ahrim's robe skirt1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Ahrim's staffLucky Ahrim's staff1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Dharok's helmLucky Dharok's helm1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Dharok's platebodyLucky Dharok's platebody1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Dharok's platelegsLucky Dharok's platelegs1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Dharok's greataxeLucky Dharok's greataxe1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Guthan's helmLucky Guthan's helm1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Guthan's platebodyLucky Guthan's platebody1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Guthan's chainskirtLucky Guthan's chainskirt1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Guthan's warspearLucky Guthan's warspear1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Karil's coifLucky Karil's coif1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Karil's topLucky Karil's top1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Karil's skirtLucky Karil's skirt1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Karil's crossbowLucky Karil's crossbow1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Torag's helmLucky Torag's helm1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Torag's platebodyLucky Torag's platebody1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Torag's platelegsLucky Torag's platelegs1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Torag's hammerLucky Torag's hammer1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Verac's helmLucky Verac's helm1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Verac's brassardLucky Verac's brassard1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Verac's plateskirtLucky Verac's plateskirt1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Verac's flailLucky Verac's flail1UnknownNot sold
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