Uncooked arc gumbo detail

Uncooked arc gumbo can be made at level 94 Cooking by using ingredients found in The Arc. Uncooked arc gumbo can be sold to Tang Chufang for 60 chimes and bought from the shop for 600 chimes.

It may be cooked into arc gumbo for 130 Cooking experience. The cooked gumbo heals a maximum of 2,225 life points, but due to the time required to collect and process the ingredients it is not recommended to use them as food.

Uncooked arc gumbo
Cooking level 94
Cooking XP 10
Burn level 94
Utensils None
Ingredients Bundle of bamboo, Tortle shell bowl, Rumberry, Fish oil, Sea salt
Range only No
Click on the tortle shell bowl with one of each ingredient in your inventory to combine them to make an uncooked arc gumbo.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Fortunate bakami jarN/A1–3Common
Fortunate bakamiN/A1–3Unknown


Tang Chufang
Merchant Tang
Island Waiko
Price sold at 600
Prices bought at
Base value 60
First upgrade 66
Second upgrade 72
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Item Base value
Tortle shell bowl Tortle shell bowl 9 chimes
Bundle of bamboo Bundle of bamboo[† 1] 11 chimes
Rumberry Rumberry 2 chimes
Fish oil 1 Fish oil 9 chimes
Sea salt Sea salt 4 chimes
Production cost 35 chimes
Uncooked arc gumbo Uncooked arc gumbo 60 chimes
Profit 25 chimes
  1. ^ 11 chimes if sold to Big Bada Bamboo on Tuai Leit, 10 chimes if sold on Waiko.


  • It is recommended to use cooking gauntlets while cooking to limit the chance of burning the food.
  • Players should consider cooking on a portable range, or the grill in Waiko; doing so provides a 5% chance to produce an additional Arc gumbo.
  • Wearing a modified sous chef's toque provides a 5% chance to cook an additional stew, stacking with other effects.
  • Since the ingredients required to make Arc gumbos stack, large quantities of stews can be manufactured, cooked, and then sold to Tang at the Waiko market while using the grill to produce extra stews.
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