Uncooked cake detail

Uncooked cake can be made with the Cooking skill by using an egg, a bucket of milk, and a pot of flour with a cake tin. To bake a cake, players must use it on a range with level 40+ Cooking. This will either turn the uncooked cake into a Cake (which heals up to 333 life points for each of three bites) or it will burn the cake (burnt cakes have no use). After cooking the cake, successfully or burnt, the player will receive back their cake tin. Optionally, at Cooking level 50+, players may then use a chocolate bar (which can be found in the Cooking Guild) or chocolate dust on the cake to make a chocolate cake. Chocolate may only be added after baking.

Uncooked cakes can make easy money, as the ingredients to make the unbaked cake are much cheaper to obtain. If making uncooked cakes for profit, cooking the cake is not recommended as players will lose money.

A very profitable, but time consuming method of making money is to obtain milk from The Milk Shop, a pot of flour from Wydin's Food Store in Port Sarim, eggs from Fred the Farmer's chicken coop in Lumbridge and either buy or take cake tins from the Cooking Guild. Although a very time consuming method, it maximises profit.

Another member's only profitable but not preferable method of making uncooked cakes is to obtain all the ingredients from a Player-owned house, the player must have Oak shelves, and Oak Larders. Although this method can take more time, it has no cost.


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