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An uncooked pizza is made using the Cooking skill at level 35, giving 143 experience when cooked. This item must be cooked on a range, and cannot be cooked on a fire. It is made when a player uses cheese and a tomato on a pizza base. Players can then use this item on a range to get either a cooked plain pizza or a burnt pizza.

To make an uncooked pizza, mix flour with water and make a pizza base. Add a tomato and cheese on the base. Both a tomato and cheese can be taken from Aggie the witch's house in Draynor Village, north of the bank; and also in the Wilderness Bandit Camp. They can also be bought from the food store in Port Sarim and the Warriors' Guild food shop.

After cooking, various ingredients can be added (with a higher Cooking level) to create other kinds of pizza. Other types of pizza that can be made are meat, anchovy, and for members, pineapple.

Making money

If you obtain all your own ingredients, then making pizzas can earn you a lot of Cooking experience. Also, when you make your own pizzas, the chances of losing money is minimal.


Using uncooked pizza has become a new and popular way of gaining Cooking experience. People buy them at the Grand Exchange, cook them, and sell them back as plain pizzas without losing any money, or even gaining profit at certain times. This method is faster than cooking lobsters, which costs more. Players can earn even more experience by using a cooking urn.


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