Uncooked shark soup detail

Uncooked shark soup can be made at level 96 Cooking by using ingredients found in The Arc. Uncooked shark soup can be sold to Tang Chufang for 80 chimes and bought from the shop for 800 chimes.

Making uncooked shark soup requires the following ingredients:

Ingredients for making uncooked shark soup add up to 51 chimes (base price, no upgrades) if sold separately in the Waiko market (52 if mushrooms are sold on Cyclosis). Thus, mixing ingredients into an uncooked shark soup is a profit of 29 chimes. A cooked shark soup sells for 102 chimes, a profit of 51 chimes more than the ingredients sold separately and 22 chimes more than the uncooked version.

Use any of the ingredients on the bowl to create the soup, or left-click on a shiny tortle shell bowl and select the "mix" option, and then cook the uncooked shark soup on a fire or range to produce shark soup. If cooking is unsuccessful, the player will produce a burnt shark soup. Due to the time it takes to collect and process the ingredients for shark soup, it is recommend to cook them on a portable range to maximise the number produced.

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