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An uncut lapis lazuli is a gem occasionally (estimated 20% chance) obtained from mining Copper rocks or Tin rocks with a Dwarven army axe. Your chatbox will display a message saying that you recover a lapis lazuli gemstone from the ore, along with 17 extra Mining experience. It can be cut with the Dwarven army axe or a chisel into a Lapis lazuli gem, which can be used to make a Lapis lazuli brooch or lapis lazuli ring. The latter can be enchanted into a ring of luck. Crafting the stone grants you 20 crafting experience. When it is cut with a Crafting catalyst equipped, you do not receive a Gem focus.

You must be mining with the Dwarven Army axe to receive an uncut lapis lazuli. You cannot be mining with a higher metal pickaxe, otherwise you will not receive any. You cannot receive one when your inventory would be full after mining that one last copper or tin ore.


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  • It is based on the real-life semi-precious stone of the same name, notable for its use in ancient jewellery and the ultramarine pigment it produces.
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