Undead trees are located in the front yard and outskirts of Draynor Manor. They are smaller than regular dead trees and have fewer branches. Undead trees can also be identified by their yellow name, whereas a regular dead tree has a blue name. It is possible to receive a bird's nest from an undead tree; however, this nest will always be empty.

Regular hatchets are unable to cut undead trees. These trees play a small role in the Animal Magnetism quest, in which the player creates a blessed hatchet to cut them and get undead twigs for Ava. Cutting undead twigs gives 5 Woodcutting experience and requires a Slayer level of 18.

When a player walks past an undead tree, the tree will attack them, inflicting a maximum of 60 life points in damage. Players cannot retaliate against these trees, so it is best to simply step away.

The Witch in the Black Knights' Fortress used to say that the trees' behaviours are due to the magical properties of the soil they grow in. The soil is also known for making the manor's cabbages tastier.


  • Though the tree has no obvious ears or eyes, the branches will nonetheless twist around, facing the player as they move.
  • The examine text is a reference to the phrase "His bark is worse than his bite".
  • Right clicking the undead tree used to reveal it to have a combat level of 85, and later 40.
  • Cutting undead trees uses the old woodcutting animation.
    Undead tree mouse over

    Right clicking a tree just outside Draynor Manor...

  • In RuneScape Classic, the tree would only attack a player if they examined it.
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