Underwater disguise kit detail.png

The underwater disguise kit is obtained by using delicious seaweed on the goebie disguise kit, as part of the Mod Deg trading sequence. Using the delicious seaweed on the goebie disguise kit does not consume the delicious seaweed.

If the kit is operated underwater, the player will be surrounded by a bubble, and the item bubbles will be equipped in their weapon slot.

Using one of the Heart of Gielinor toys (Daystone, Nightstone, Lava ball, Mysterious bottle), while having the rest of them in the inventory, on the underwater disguise kit will create the broken disguise kit.


  • There was a glitch that allowed a player to freeze their animations by exploiting the Lodestone Network when the kit is used. This allowed any emote that didn't transmogrify the player, such as LOLcano, to play only its graphics, and allowed skilling-based animations, such as playing the harps, to not work as intended until the player dies, logs out, or becomes transmogrified resetting their animation. This was patched on 7 March 2016.
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