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Ungadulu chathead
Ungadulu chathead possessed

Ungadulu is a shaman located in the Fire Octagram, inside the Kharazi Dungeon. He is possessed by Nezikchened during the Legends' Quest. Before the player uses the Book of Binding on him, his combat level is 77, and his combat level is 1 after that. However, Ungadulu cannot be attacked. If you try to, he will throw you out of the Octagram, hitting you for between 41 and 98 damage.

After the quest, if players attempt to talk to him, nothing happens. If you have a Dark Dagger or Glowing Dagger in your inventory however, he will. By doing so, players may receive 3 more Yommi tree seeds. Players may also receive another Holy Force Spell by using a Glowing Dagger on him.


  • Monster examining reveals that he has 50 life points and a max hit of 4.
  • Ungadulu was previously able to be damaged with spells if they were cast manually from the spellbook. He would retaliate, but would not throw you out of the Octogram. This was most likely a bug. When killed, he would only drop bones.
    Killing Ungadulu

    Manually casting spells allowed you to attack Ungadulu.

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