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Unholy Cursebearer is a boss in Daemonheim, requiring 30 Dungeoneering. He is unusually easy to defeat.

While fighting this creature an undead rot starts to affect the player. These spells will eventually whittle away at your combat stats (excluding prayer). The Protect from Magic prayer doesn't help. Curse prayers can be turned off by this boss.

There are two objects on the wall opposite the entrance which allow for restoring one's stats. When doing so, some of the Unholy Cursebearer's lifepoints will be restored.

This creature uses a variety of spells.

Other drops


  • Although the listed requirement to fight the Unholy Cursebearer is level 30, it can be fought and killed at level 29.
  • The Unholy Cursebearer bears some resemblance in theme and appearance to the King of the Dead in the Lord of the Rings film.
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