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For the horn used in the Underground Pass quest, see Unicorn horn (Underground Pass).

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The unicorn horn is a members-only item collected from unicorns. When used with a pestle and mortar it awards the player 1 Herblore experience and becomes unicorn horn dust, which is used in the Herblore skill to make several kinds of potions: antipoison, super antipoison, and Sanfew serum. Unicorn horns are also the tertiary ingredient in infusing Unicorn stallion pouches. They are in high demand from herbalists and summoners, making it a decent source of income.

  • A safe place to collect the horns is the Fremennik Province east of Rellekka, north of Swaying tree at the rare tree icon. With fairy ring access this spot is not far from a bank, and there is very little competition. There's 6 unicorns in total, but only 2 of these unicorns drop unicorn horns 100% of the time. (The other 4 are black unicorn foals.)
  • Buying unicorn horns from other players or on the Grand Exchange. This can be somewhat expensive, as the horns are often in high demand.
  • You can also kill black unicorns in the Wilderness, this is dangerous and it isn't suggested, but there are a decent amount of black unicorns there which always drop unicorn horns.
  • Creating and then killing Unicows in the Creature Creation activity. You will need a unicorn horn and a cowhide. This is fastest means of getting unicorn horns without purchasing them, as each unicow always drops several horns. This method requires completion of the Tower of Life quest. Wearing any version of the Ardougne cloak from the Ardougne Tasks will cause some of the unicorn horns to be noted when dropped, increasing the number that can be gathered per trip. As noted horns cannot be used to summon unicows, players must ensure that when their final unnoted horn is used, the cape is removed before killing the summoned unicow.
  • You can receive a Unicorn horn from Soul Wars and Barbarian Assault by using the Gamble option when selecting rewards.
  • Players may receive unicorn horn from opening a box of summoning ingredients, a possible reward from the Familiarisation Distraction and Diversion.
  • The island of Entrana has several level 15 unicorns, but no bank and players have to craft their own weapons and armour.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Black unicorn331Always
Celestial dragon1274Common
Acheron mammoth13510–14Rare
Black unicorn Foal161Rare
Commander Zilyana59640Uncommon
Earth implingN/A1Uncommon
Eclectic implingN/A1Uncommon
Ice nihil1605Uncommon
Spirit implingN/A1Unknown


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