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Unicorn stallion chathead

Unicorn stallions are level 105 combat Summoning familiars. These familiars are healers, and are able to cure poison. Unicorn stallions have the lowest Combat level among the higher-levelled Summoning familiars, and will only fight when attacked.

The unicorn stallion's right-click ability causes it to cure any poison afflicting the player. This ability drains 2 Summoning points each time it is used and can be used successively without pause, unlike most right-click abilities which require the player to wait a short time before using them again. Because of this, the unicorn stallion can effectively act as an alternative to any kind of antipoison. Unlike antipoisons, however, the unicorn's cure ability does not convey any temporary poison immunity. Furthermore, the summoning point drain means the player cannot use the ability for long periods of time unless the player can recharge points by a Summoning Obelisk, Prism of Restoration, Summoning potions, or super restores.

Unicorn stallion pouch


A Unicorn stallion pouch is made by using a Summoning pouch on a Summoning obelisk with 140 spirit shards, a green charm, and a unicorn horn in the inventory, and 88 Summoning. Making the pouch earns 154.4 experience points. Using the pouch to summon a Unicorn stallion gains 1.8 experience points and costs 90 Summoning points.

Healing aura scroll


A Healing aura scroll enables the use of the Healing Aura special move for a Unicorn stallion. Using the pouch on a Summoning obelisk creates 10 scrolls.

Healing Aura

Healing Aura is the special move for the Unicorn stallion, which heals the summoner by 10% of his or her maximum life points. It expends 20 special move points, so it can be used three times before the special attack bar must recharge. As the scrolls are stackable, this is a very common healing method used by players who wish to stay in a certain place (usually a boss) for a long period of time. Healing Aura may also be appreciated alongside food in dangerous battles as it does not drain adrenaline.

The spirit cape, a Dungeoneering reward costing 45,000 Dungeoneering tokens, can be worn to reduce the amount of special move points used by 20%. While this reduction may not be useful in the short term, it may be beneficial if healing aura is being cast repeatedly. Also, because Completionist cape has the effect of a spirit cape (provided that it is used on it) and being one of the strongest combat capes in the game, it is even more beneficial.

With a Constitution level of 99, a player can theoretically heal a maximum of 83,160 life points throughout the duration of the Unicorn Stallion. If a spirit cape is used, this number is increased to 103,950 life points. Both numbers assume that all special move points will be used throughout the duration of the Unicorn stallion.

Many players carry a Unicorn stallion pouch and Healing Aura scrolls as their last two slots of their Beast of Burden for when they run out of food. The Unicorn stallion serves as a long-term healing solution for when a player wishes to stay longer in combat.



  • The unicorn stallion's examine info implies that RuneScape has horses, but Jagex has put many jokes in the game about how there are no horses in RuneScape.
  • In Stealing Creation, there once was a glitch where the clay familiar's right click list would include the Unicorn stallion's special move: Healing aura.
  • The healing aura scroll was reduced from 15% to 10% healing of the player's life points after the Evolution of Combat was released.
  • The unicorn stallion used to cure disease effects from the player. This is no longer the case since the removal of disease.
  • The Healing Aura scroll used to drain 10% adrenaline when used, prior to the 16 January 2017 patch.
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