Release date 12 March 2013 (Update)
Members No
Skill Ranged
Level 81
Type Ultimate
Adrenaline −100%
Equipment Dual ranged
Cooldown 60 seconds
Unload both your weapons at your target's current location for 3.6 seconds. Every 1.2 seconds dealing 80-180% of weapon damage. Each subsequent hit gains an additional 10% damage to both minimum and maximum hit. If your target moves they will take no damage.
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Unload is an ultimate ranged ability. The in-game ability description is incorrect: It actually deals up to 80-180% ability damage on the first hit with subsequent hits increasing by 10% minimum ability damage (additively) and 20% maximum ability damage (additively) each time. This ability lasts 4.2 seconds and is channelled, hitting four times.

This ability has exactly the same effect as the melee Frenzy ability.