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Unwieldly zombie only appears during Dimension of the Damned and cannot be found in the main version of RuneScape.
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An unwieldly zombie is a giant zombie that can be encountered in Dimension of the Damned. These zombies rarely spawn out of the ground when players are nearby, dealing 2500 damage to 30 players nearby when it does, with more players resulting in more frequent spawns. Killing it will reward players with 250 bottle corks. If players are nearby when it is defeated, they will be infected with Zombieism and the following message will appear:

The noxious gases from the giant zombie enter your lungs.


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Fortified logsFortified logs3CommonNot sold
Modified shrimpsModified shrimps2–5CommonNot sold
Biohazard cannisterBiohazard cannister1CommonNot sold
Crystalised zombie bloodCrystalised zombie blood1CommonNot sold
Sanctifying potionSanctifying potion1UncommonNot sold
Holy guardHoly guard1UncommonNot sold
Adamant full helmAdamant full helm1UncommonNot sold
Adamant platebodyAdamant platebody1UncommonNot sold
Adamant gauntletsAdamant gauntlets1UncommonNot sold
Adamant platelegsAdamant platelegs1UncommonNot sold
Adamant bootsAdamant boots1UncommonNot sold
Adamant 2h swordAdamant 2h sword1UncommonNot sold
Green dragonhide coifGreen dragonhide coif1UncommonNot sold
Green dragonhide bodyGreen dragonhide body1UncommonNot sold
Green dragonhide vambracesGreen dragonhide vambraces1UncommonNot sold
Green dragonhide chapsGreen dragonhide chaps1UncommonNot sold
Green dragonhide bootsGreen dragonhide boots1UncommonNot sold
Yew shieldbowYew shieldbow1UncommonNot sold
Yew shortbowYew shortbow1UncommonNot sold
Adamant arrow 5Adamant arrow25UncommonNot sold
Rune full helmRune full helm1RareNot sold
Rune platebodyRune platebody1RareNot sold
Rune gauntletsRune gauntlets1RareNot sold
Rune platelegsRune platelegs1RareNot sold
Rune bootsRune boots1RareNot sold
Rune 2h swordRune 2h sword1RareNot sold
Rune maceRune mace1RareNot sold
Off-hand rune maceOff-hand rune mace1RareNot sold
Rune warhammerRune warhammer1RareNot sold
Rune kiteshieldRune kiteshield1RareNot sold
Blue dragonhide coifBlue dragonhide coif1RareNot sold
Blue dragonhide bodyBlue dragonhide body1RareNot sold
Blue dragonhide vambracesBlue dragonhide vambraces1RareNot sold
Blue dragonhide chapsBlue dragonhide chaps1RareNot sold
Blue dragonhide bootsBlue dragonhide boots1RareNot sold
Magic shieldbowMagic shieldbow1RareNot sold
Magic shortbowMagic shortbow1RareNot sold
Rune arrow 5Rune arrow25RareNot sold


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