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It is written by Mod Stu and is dated 25 May 2017.
Achievement System Dev Blog

This is the progress we have been making on phase 2 of the achievements system so far. There's plenty of time left for your feedback to be considered and here is a preview of how the next phase of this project is coming along.

Firstly, there's Compact Mode, brought to you by Mod Doctor.

Achievement System Dev Blog 1

In this mode, the icon for each achievement is hidden, compacting the achievements down so a lot more of them can be viewed on screen at a time. Less scrolling, more achieving.

In this screenshot, you can also see:

  • Your currently selected category is highlighted
  • Categories now have an x/y counter
  • You can Hide Locked to remove achievements for which you don't meet the requirements, shortening the list
  • The difficulty of area achievements is now included in their title

In addition, if you close and re-open the interface, it'll return you to the tab, category and where applicable the achievement you'd previously selected.

Achievement System Dev Blog 2

Next up, Mod Asherz has been improving the overview tab. In addition to prettier progress bars (no longer anathema to the red/green colour-blind), you can now mouse-over the Recently Completed and Almost There components to display the details of that achievement. Huzzah!

He's also investigating making the Almost There bars clickable to jump you to the appropriate achievement.

On the right-hand side, Mod Stu's been adding more achievement paths, particularly for new players. They incorporate the Burthorpe/Taverley achievements and are structured around introducing how the various skills synergise. This is very much a work in progress, and we're particularly considering discoverability of achievement paths to ensure they're delivered to the appropriate audience.

In addition, when you've ticked Hide Completed and you've completed all the achievements in a path, that path will be hidden from the list, giving a better sense of completion and progress.

There's also a couple of new paths for higher-level players, including a suggested path to The World Wakes that includes all optional requirements. So if you want to fully appreciate the lore of The World Wakes and the backstory of every featured character, this is the path to follow! These high-level paths have completed QA and should hopefully be coming soon to a patch notes near you, independently of the next update to the achievement system.

Speaking of which, another patch note will bring you meta-lists/counters for a number of achievements, so now you can see which bosses you still need to defeat for Reaper Crew, that one last memoriam crystal you haven't yet collected, or the number of chompy birds you've killed.

Also, completionist achievements are now alphabetised for ease of access.

Achievement System Dev Blog 3

Mod Asherz has given the achievement tracker some love too. Text is now wrapped and truncates to fit the available space when resized, pin icon states are more distinct, and you can now click a tracked achievement to jump to it in the achievement interface.

Achievement System Dev Blog 4

Finally, remember those PvM categories that were mostly empty on release? Mod Shogun sure remembers; he's been adding more combat achievements than any sane (iron)man could desire. So if mass monster murder is your mug of mead, he's got you covered.
We're hoping to release phase 2 of the achievement system in July.

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