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It is written by Mod Nancy and is dated 5 November 2009.
Court Cases

Court is in session

When I wrote King's Ransom over two years ago, we introduced a judicial system to RuneScape, by way of the Seers' Village Court House. It seemed a shame that you only get to use it during the quest and the rest of the time it just sits there.

I've been toying for quite a while with the idea of involving the Court House in either another quest or possibly making a minigame out of trialling cases. No quests I worked on really needed a trial, though, and a full-on minigame seemed as though it would be difficult to code and very boring.

This month, my workload finally cleared up enough that I had a chance to start concepting a new Distraction & Diversion to take place in the Court House. I wanted to use a lot of the same mechanics we had in King's Ransom, but add some new ones and give it some spice.

Getting the format of the D&D wasn't hard, since I had King's Ransom to work off of, but I hit a roadblock when it came to what cases should be about. Who in RuneScape should go on trial?

I happened to mention this idea to Mod Osborne and Mod Srowley (the RuneScape editors), seeing as they create the Postbag, and they had tons of ideas! I also went through the website's area guides to see what interesting characters from all over RuneScape might have an issue they'd want resolved in court. You'll see a lot of familiar faves in court including a few that used to be familiar, but were recently retired...

I've coded a prototype case involving a certain 'Mugger (level: 6)'. Mod Mark played through it and loved the gameplay, so I've been given the go-ahead to code the rest of the project.

Currently, you'll be given a case and get to choose whether you want to prosecute or defend the accused. Then you read a few documents on the background of the case and do a bit of sleuthing. When you feel ready, you start the trial and present all your findings to the jury, just like you did in King's Ransom, but with a few new surprises...

In a follow-up blog, I'll hand you over to the RuneScape editors who are going to be writing a few of the court cases.

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