Update:Challenge Alan - Live!

Hello everyone,

As Super September enters its final week, we celebrate with a live stream that will see Mod Campbell complete a set of challenges - or face the consequences!

Throughout Super September, Alan (aka Mod Campbell) has been attempting one Super September Challenge per week, in real life. So far we've fed him 50 bananas, watched him catch fish with his face and sent him on an assault course, which you can see on Monday!

Now it's time to put Alan into challenge overdrive as we send him back through the fourth wall and into Gielinor for an evening of Alan's Challenge: Live!

Throughout the live stream, we'll be setting Alan challenges to complete in-game. If he's successful, an actual real-life Super September cape awaits him. If he fails, though, Alan might wish he was face deep in trout again, as he'll have to attempt his forfeits live on the stream.

We've a string of challenges and forfeits lined up, but you're very welcome to get involved too. You can set Alan challenges and even suggest dastardly forfeits on the stream forum thread. The best of which we'll gleefully put in front of Alan.

Then through the live stream itself, you can contribute by helping him complete challenges or by doing your best to scupper his chances before watching the results on the webcam. It should be a lot of fun.

The live stream kicks off on our Twitch.tv channel at 7pm BST on Monday the 23rd September.

For more details, to discuss the stream and to give your challenge/forfeit suggestions, check out the thread.

Mod Silent and the RuneScape Video Team