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These FAQs were announced on 31 January 2013.

This sticky has been created in response to the most commonly asked questions regarding the most recent game update.

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Updated: 31/01/13

Demon Flash Mobs
Will we be seeing more mobs of creatures in the near future?

Mod Wilson: There is always room for more mob style updates. However if we add a mob for every creature's graphical rework things will become a little cluttered. The demon and goblin reworks are both so good that we wanted to put them right out there for everyone to see. The goblins acted as a good way to bring players that have just started playing into contact with low-level creatures, and the demons do the same job for higher level players. If anything else manages to fill that gap then they might well get a mob.

Why were some demons like the Jungle Demon not updated?

Mod Wilson: If any of the demons have not been updated then this might be a bug. There are a lot of demons that needed to be updated and some might have been missed.

What was the reason for not updating imps? Will they have their own update in a rework to Imp Catcher?

Mod Wilson: The graphics for the imps were improved quite recently compared to the rest of the demons. More importantly, if imps had been graphically updated then the Christmas event would have needed to use the new imp models as there would have been no reason to make an old-style imp for that, which would have been a bit of a spoiler. They might get an update in the future, but I can't say when that will be.

Now that demons attack with particles, will dragons receive particles to their dragon breath also as seen in the cinematic trailer?

Mod Engstrom: As part of the ongoing improvements we’re looking at adding these little touches more and more. We have to bear in mind things like performance but you should begin to notice these things more and more as time goes on! Wink

Will the Demon Flash Mob God-related items count as protection against the God Wars Dungeon factions?

Mod Wilson: The items dropped by the demon flash mobs count as Saradomin items when it comes to things like God Wars, Castle Wars etc.

Will other demonic creatures like hell hounds also be updated?

Mod Engstrom: The hellhound in the God Wars dungeon has been updated and we’ll look to roll this out into the wider game soon. We’ve got lots of ambitious plans to keep updating all the creatures and npcs in the game.

With the Demon Flash Mobs, you released new demon slayer armour. Do you have plans to release more armour effective towards a certain type of monster, such as dragon slayer armour or undead slayer armour?

Mod Wilson: That's always a possibility. The game has a lot of armour sets pitched from low to high level, so it does make sense to begin to create armour sets that might be slightly lower level than other pieces at that level, but with a specific use such as dragon or ogre slaying. It all depends on what sort of updates we make in the future and if an item of that nature makes sense.

Is it possible to apply the damage boosting effects that the Demon Slayer armour gives to demon slayer crossbows, to holy water? Seeing as the demon slayer armour is ranged armour and the holy water isn't very popular, it would make sense to give it a buff.

Mod Wilson: The damage and experience buff for the demon slayer items applies whatever weapon you are using. Technically if you wore the full set and attacked with holy water, the damage from the holy water would be higher than without the other items. The crossbows just work best because each of them adds a buff to the other!

Why has the game filter still not been updated to allow us to filter only the messages we want to see?

Mod Wilson: Reworking the chat filter to allow people to pick and choose what they consider spam and don't want to see, and which spam messages they do want to see, is quite a large project and was not part of the flash mobs. I'm sure something could be implemented, but it was just not considered for this update.

As the new demons use updated versions of magic attacks, will players also receive new graphics for spells?

Mod Wilson: I'm sure that player spells will be updated at some point. However, that's another project that would be quite large in its self, and was not considered part of this update. With all the graphical capabilities we have now then I'm sure this will happen at some point.

Why is the new armour tradeable? If you made in untradeable, it would give the Wilderness a much-needed useful feature for players to go there and would make it worthwhile for Pkers to hunt down their foes!

Mod Wilson: The items are simply another drop on top of the stuff that the demon gives you. We went through several rounds of design over how it should be delivered, including having items dropped that you trade Celerity for the gear, to a shop that unlocks the items based on the number of demon bosses you kill. In the end it made the most sense that since the items are a rare but desirable drop that we make them tradeable. Not everyone fighting the boss ranges or intends to improve their range to the level that they can use it. If they get the drop then they can sell it on for coins to buy the items that they want. Also, if the items were not tradeable then you cannot PK people for them! Besides, if the items was not tradeable then people would be asking why we didn't make it tradeable so that they could buy one on the GE without having to risk the wilderness and PKers.

Demon Slayer
Are you planning on reworking 'all' quests that haven't been improved yet, or just the ones that got released many, many years ago?

Mod Osborne: For us, it's not about systematically reworking all quests. Many of the older quests have real merit, and they are often a bundle of solid ideas and fantastic memories. Instead, it's about looking critically at some the oldest quests, examining whether people abandon them out of frustration, determining whether they're in line with our expectations for quality, and whether we can improve on them while retaining the original feel or theme. It's important that we balance the love for our older content with a need to update it; if we go too far in either direction, we would be frustrating our most loyal players, or putting off new players.

Why wasn't Silverlight updated? It still has the outdated model.

Mod Engstrom: We’ve updated several classes of weapons but the more individual weapons like Silverlight are still waiting in the wings for an update. We felt the current design is still distinctive enough for it to stand out by itself without urgently needing an update.

Why didn't the druids' circle that was captured by Zamorakians play a role in the quest? It's completely broken now.

Mod Liono: It didn't play a role because it wasn't needed with the new narrative - there was no reason to shoehorn it in just because it was involved in the retired version.

Mod Osborne: It will also play a (minor) part in a quest that you can expect in February. So it won't be 'broken' for long!

Is Sir Prysin no longer a descendant of Wally? He doesn't even recognise me!

Mod Liono: A character named "Wally" never really fit in with the medieval fantasy setting; we wanted to focus on a slightly more heroic feeling in the quest. As a sidenote, I am deeply disappointed that nobody has said "Where's Wally?" yet!

Why has Denath lost his 'deserty' look?

Mod Engstrom: It was felt that although he hid out at the desert he didn’t actually come from that area so making him look less deserty and more dark/evil mage was more fitting to convey his character.

Is Grüfeld from the same group as Fathers Badden and Reen?

Mod Osborne: Mod Liono and I definitely saw it that way. We hope that we'll get the opportunity to give them a name and explore their order in a future quest.

Why does Denath need a book of demonology to summon Delrith? He's a demon, Agrith-Naar, himself!

Mod Liono: The book isn't a catalyst in summoning Delrith. As Mr. Bach states at the start of the quest, the book was used to seal Delrith away - it is the 'key' to the lock keeping Delrith banished, and is the only object that can bring Delrith back.

Why was no incantation needed to banish Delrith?

Mod Liono: The incantation mechanic from the previous Demon Slayer was one of the main things we felt just had to go in this rework. It required any player without a photographic memory to write things down outside the game world in order to remember the correct incantation. If you need to come out of the game to complete a puzzle, then you are breaking immersion and losing the flow of the content. We do our best to avoid that, particularly in early game content.

Brother Celerity mentions Zarosian demons. Are there still Zarosian demons? How can Zaros control them, being banished by Zamorak?

Mod Wilson: I could answer that question, but it will be answered in full by content that we have planned for later this I will stay quiet. Wink

How does Brother Celerity know of Zaros?

Mod Wilson: From a combination of his powerful visions and reading ancient tomes of demonic lore. As much as I would loved to have written a full Necronomicon-like tome full of all the forbidden lore that he knows and various demonic secrets, I don't have a year or so to do that. As such you'll have to content yourself with the few pages from the Malleus Daemoniorum that we can show without blasting your sanity. Wink

What was wrong with the characters/plotline of the old Demon Slayer (Wally, Sir Prysin, Gypsy Aris, etc.)?

Mod Liono: They didn't fit in with the sense of heroism that we wanted to offer in a quest called 'Demon Slayer'. A comedy hero called Wally felt like a running (and not especially funny) joke, especially in a quest to end a demon-summoner's mad plans to bring about the apocalypse. Sir Prysin was involved in the old quest because he was the descendant of Wally. With Wally's removal, he was no longer relevant to the story.

Why does the Varrock stone circle look broken?

Mod Liono: It's very, very old. It decayed over time!

Mod Osborne: Yep, it dates back to the first ages of RuneScape!

Does the player address the fact that Denath summons Agrith-Naar during Shadow of the Storm? Denath plays a much larger role in Demon Slayer than he did previously.

Mod Liono: Shadow of the Storm keeps its story intact. All the elements of Demon Slayer that were critical for SotS to continue making sense are untouched - Denath summons Delrith and escapes, for the player to slay Delrith and put a stop to Denath's plans. If you are an existing player repeating the new Demon Slayer without being able to play SotS, don't worry - it's exactly as it was when you last played it. Also... Denath was the antagonist in both versions of Demon Slayer. I wouldn't say he played a larger role this time - he still summons a demon and runs away just like he used to!

Has Recipe for Disaster been altered at all, since Gypsy Aris is no longer involved in Demon Slayer?

Mod Liono: Recipe for Disaster remains as it was, except one small change to Aris' chat. She no longer references being involved in Demon Slayer. Other than that, the quest is as it always was.

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