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These FAQs were announced on 24 January 2013.

This sticky has been created in response to the most commonly asked questions regarding the most recent game update.

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Whilst we continue to gather feedback, we will add any other frequently asked questions regarding this update to this thread - you may wish to check back every now and then.

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Updated: 24/01/13

Desert Tasks
Do you still have plans for the Daemonheim task set which was leaked out in the list?

Mod Mark: It is something we want to do but it’s not something we are actively working on right now.

Thanks for returning the lightening detail in Draynor Village! Can you consider this too for the other areas like Al-Kharid?

Mod Engstrom: We certainly will.

Are you guys still working on updating and voicing the NPCs of Al-Kharid?

Mod Mark: It’s a long term plan yes.

Why weren't the dialogues related to the task set voiced?

Mod Mark: Because some sections of the dialog are generic and the same code for ALL task set related NPCs across the world. It would sound very odd to have Zahur's voice on Aleck in Yanille!

As you updated desert robes with this update, will you update NPCs wearing them?

Mod Engstrom: As with the environments, we are on a continuous update cycle. NPCs take a little more time as they need animation too but rest assured these NPCs (and plenty of others) are on our radar to update and improve.

Why don't you make use of the hints tab when making tasks anymore?

Mod Mark: We usually only give hints to easy tasks in task sets. We consider players who are brave enough to try the harder tasks more knowledgeable about the game in general.

Is improved accessibility of the Shantay Pass still being worked on?

Mod Mark: It’s pretty good right now I think... there is always room for improvement but there are more pressing issues on our time right now.

Will more tasks be released when Menaphos is released?

Mod Mark: We have aims to incorporate tasks into established task sets/ diaries etc. to reflect new content as it comes out, yes. Sadly there isn’t always the development time to allow for this every time.

Why have you added all the objectives for the Dominion Tower as a task? This can take ages to do, especially collecting all the diary pages!

Mod Mark: Elite tasks are traditionally... well... elite. We think you need to be pretty elite to take on the might of everything that the Dominion Tower can throw at you!

Have you considered updating the clay golems in line with more recent graphics?

Mod Engstrom: Yes. We considered it, but there are other NPCs much higher up on the rework list.

How and by whom were the amulets made? Or are they another one of Ali Morissane's enterprises?

Mod Mark: Ali is very enterprising and has many business partners across the land.

Why does the bonus to making super antifires with the elite reward not work when in buildings?

Mod Mark: Really? That sounds very strange! We will investigate.

How many more task sets are you planning on releasing? 3 or 4 (with the ammo slot)?

Mod Mark: Potentially, yes.

Why is the 75 Dungeoneering task in the hard set when some Elite Tasks (such as the Super Restore on Karamja) require lower levels (in this case 63 Herblore)?

Mod Mark: We collate the tasks for the areas, then divide them up, different areas have different difficulty levels.

What bonuses do we get from the Task rewards for Pyramid Plunder?

Mod Mark: All rewards are listed on the rewards section on the noticeboard (or on the Wiki).

Won't the Nardah free teleport make the Nardah teleport scrolls useless? Why not change the destination of the scroll to the Exiled Kalphite Hive for example?

Mod Mark: Good idea!

Can you allow us to note the Granite instead of selling it for the Elite task reward?

Mod Mark: Can you elaborate on this idea?

Why hasn't Sunfreet been fixed yet? He has a cap on the amount of damage you can do to him per hit from pre-EOC that was added because of the Ruby bolts special. I should be able to hit more than 500!

Mod Mark: I’ll give that feedback to the combat team.

Can you add higher chances of getting a Sceptre of the Gods as a reward for the Elite Tasks?

Mod Mark: I have no plans to change the drop rate of the sceptre.

Is the "sandstone" mentioned in the Elite rewards normal, or red sandstone?

Mod Mark: Red sandstone.

Why can’t we use a pot of flour on the fountain in Nardah for making the kebab instead of a bucket of water?

Mod Mark: This was a bug which is now fixed.

With the double charges on Staff of the Gods/Sceptre, do we still pay the original amount of artefacts to recharge them?

Mod Mark: Yes.

Christmas Presents
Why were the presents removed in this update and not on the 14th, did you guys forget about them last week?

Mod Mark: Technical issues only. We didn’t forget about them, we just needed to be safe on how we removed them.

Abduction Teleports
How can the Vyrewatches pass the River Salve? Surely this breaks their lore?

Mod Mark: A very good question. Perhaps the vyre have found a way to bypass the salve? Only time will tell for sure...

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