This official Game update FAQ is a collection of direct quotes copied verbatim from the RuneScape Official Forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These FAQs were announced on 15 March 2011. An archived version can be viewed here.

This sticky has been created in response to the most commonly asked questions regarding the most recent game update.

Whilst we continue to gather feedback, we will add any other frequently asked questions regarding this update to this thread - you may wish to check back every now and then.

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Question: Was the thought behind increasing the chance of rare drops to increase their frequency substantially with the RoW? Or is it just a mediocre increase?

Mod Piesche: The Ring of Wealth will give you a small boost to the drop chance on certain rare items. There was a bug which caused certain bosses to drop rare items more often than intended, but this was detected and fixed very quickly and should only have a short-term effect on the economy.

Question: What does the message "Your ring of wealth glows more brightly!" actually mean? It happens on every kill so it is completely pointless and does not accomplish the intended purpose of letting us know when it changes something at all.

Mod Piesche: The message lets you know that the Ring of Wealth has improved your chances for the coming drop. This does mean that it will appear every time when killing monsters that have a chance to drop unique rare items on every kill (such as abyssal demons), but the message does not necessarily mean that the drop you receive is rare.

Mod Mark: We wanted to be very clear on when the ring had a potential effect on the drop since it was the most common question about the ring before this update. You can of course filter this out if you turn your game filter on.

Question: Does Ring of Wealth increase the chance of Draconic Visage?

Mod Piesche: No, it does not.

Mod Mark: It does effect a huge list of other things though including the sigils from the Corporeal Beast.

Question: Does wearing a RoW increase the likelihood of finding Effigies as drops? The message from the RoW activates too frequently to actually tell what part of the drop it is effecting.”

Mod Piesche: No - the ring does not improve Effigy drop chances.

Question: Does the RoW work for teams in lootshare and coinshare? And does everyone need to wear one for it to work, or do only a few people?

Mod Piesche: The ring does not work in Lootshare or Coinshare.

Question: Are there plans to ever make Dungeoneering more solo-friendly?

Mod Trick: The solo XP rate is an issue that we recognise, and yes, something that we’d really love to improve.

Mod Mark: Were gathering data now to help with that change in the future. However its slow progress. The changes in this update will certainly increase the average speed of a solo dungeon and the majority of changes to boss monsters in this update were designed with the solo user in mind.

Question: With the new bards added, will we see these types of NPCs added to other quest series?

Mod Mark: Possibly. We are keen to give players a summary of what has happened in the last few quests – for the pirates it made sense to do it as a shanty. We might look at other formats for other quest lines.

Question: Will Mortania's graphics be like those of Lumbridge Swamp when it gets round to being updated?

Mod Mark: Actually, it will be even better!

Question: Now that familiars can run, are there any plans for pets to do the same?

Mod Mark: Yes!

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