This sticky has been created in response to the most commonly asked questions regarding the most recent game update.

Whilst we continue to gather feedback, we will add any other frequently asked questions regarding this update to this thread - you may wish to check back every now and then.

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Question: Will you release urns for the other skills?

Mod Mark: I don’t see why we couldn’t? I think this time the urns were done for the skills they seemed to fit most naturally to, for example some skills don’t seem to have a natural ‘by-product’ where Fishing, Mining etc would.

Question: why is gold not included in the smithing urn update?

Mod Mark: Gold smelting gives very fast and efficient experience due to the goldsmithing gauntlets that are quite an old item and basically double your exp there. I’m sure some players would love double exp and then some, but we felt the rate of exp on goldsmithing was already high enough, and with a new smithing update coming out soon, we didn’t want to complicate how that is balanced against the existing smithing further.

Rather, this helps to improve other elements of the smithing skill, so that already used content is better balanced against some of the arguably best options. The pots help with smithing on mainstream ores that are used by other smiths for smithing items, rather than those that are smelted predominately to generate materials for crafting.”.

Question: Why is the xp gained from the mining and smithing urns less than the other skill urns?

Mod Mark: Basically, each urn has a set capacity, which is 25x the amount of XP given for catching the best fish/mining the best ore/etc (in terms of XP) for that urn (for example, the lowest level Fishing urn will be full after you catch 25 herring, as they give the best XP out of all the fish this urn applies to.

The bonus XP given by the urn is proportional to how much it can hold. Mining and Smithing give less XP per ore/bar smelted than, for example, Fishing does per fish caught (e.g. catching anchovies requires Fishing level 15 and gives 40XP, while smelting iron bars which requires Smithing level 15 only gives 12.5XP), so the Mining and Smithing urns ‘contain’ less XP – meaning their bonus is also smaller.

Question: Why don’t ashes give the same xp as their bone equivalents?

Mod Mark: As ashes don’t require a pot when used with the "Ectofuntus" a player can get more XP per run. We didn’t want demons to become THE way to train prayer.

Question: Why was Armadyl Eyrie not included in the Hidey-hole update?

Mod Mark: Due to the nature of the area there were other questions that arose suggesting that it should not be added to the project.

Question: Why don’t hellhounds drop ashes?

Mod Mark: A hellhound is not “strictly speaking” a demon. Maybe it ate too many hellcats

Question: Did Jagex make the Açaí to try to encourage recycling and saving rainforests?

Mod Mark: No! Our translation team came up with the idea as something in theme with an event that happens in Brazil. It’s just a bit of fun

Question: Does the Fury Shark stack with the Protect Item prayer?”

Mod Mark: No.

Question: The Wildywyrms look awesome, will they ever return to the game as a permanent fixture?

Mod Mark: Thanks We don’t plan to add them as a permanent fixture but they might come back again for a holiday.

Question: If the wyrms do return will there be better drops such as PvP armour?

Mod Mark: No. The Wyrm was designed as a community event / seasonal event. They are not intended to deliver new high end equipment.

Question: Will the Wildywyrm ever be added as a slayer monster?

Mod Mark: No.

Question: Does the wyrm drop anything expect a fury shark?

Mod Mark: Yes, there are a few other “filler” drops designed for Pkers, but nothing unique.

Question: Can they drop more than one shark at a time?

Mod Mark: Yes.

Question: Why are the wyrms only in the wildy?

Mod Mark: It’s an event designed for PKers so it’s in the wilderness.

Many thanks to Mod Mark for his time!

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