This official Game update FAQ is a collection of direct quotes copied verbatim from the RuneScape Official Forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These FAQs were announced on 6 September 2012.

This sticky has been created in response to the most commonly asked questions regarding the most recent game update.

Whilst we continue to gather feedback, we will add any other frequently asked questions regarding this update to this thread - you may wish to check back every now and then.

Enjoy! :)

Question: “Can you add an NPC to look after the Morchella mushrooms whilst they are growing?”

Mod Srowley: Currently, farmers are only available to tend certain farming plots, e.g. vegetable, hops and tree patches, but not special patches like the mushroom or cactus patch, nor herb patches.

There are already ways to minimise the risk of plants becoming diseased, and ways to check them remotely. We've got no plans at this time to add in farmer NPCs to look after patch types that aren't currently able to be tended.

Question: “Why is the high-level prayer potion tradeable? Is it primarily supposed to be a money making method”

Mod Srowley: There is already a high-level prayer potion that's untradeable. It's one of a few interesting differences between the prayer renewal potion and the existing (untradeable) super prayer potion.

It's primary function is simply to be a prayer potion, an alternative to the super prayer potion with different useful applications. It also offers high-level herbalists a choice in what potion to make at that level. And sure, as the only source of the herb to make the new potion is from high-level farmers, then if those farmers want to use it as a source of income then that's good too.

Question: “Why is there only one mushroom patch?”

Mod Srowley: There was only need for one mushroom patch before this update, as only bittercap mushrooms could be grown in it. If farmers instead switch to planting the new morchella mushroom, they're likely to only want to grow the new mushroom (it has a slightly longer growth cycle, but a higher yield of nine mushrooms).

There are other sources of bittercap mushrooms than farming if players want both (e.g. cockroaches). We don't see a need for there to be more than one mushroom patch at this time, but we'll see how things go; there's nothing ruling out another mushroom patch being added in a future update).

Question: “What is the reasoning behind changing Prayer to Prayer X10?”

Mod Mark: As stated in the newspost, it allows us to release more interesting and varied Prayer updates in the future. As an example of future updates, the upcoming Penance aura will restore prayer points based on damage taken, which would have been very difficult to implement if prayer and life points had still been displayed in different formats.

Question: “Can we expect Summoning x10 too? Also, what about run energy?”

Mod Mark: We don’t intend to do that right now although there may be call to do so in the future. Really it depends on how we want those features to expand, which is not currently defined.

Question: “New items last week, new seeds this week. When will we get more bank space?!”

Mod Mark: We are intending to release more bank space before the end of the year and improve features that help you remove junk from your bank.

Please note, you really don’t need to store every new object we ever release. Perhaps it’s time to throw away that collection of half eaten pies and cash in your token rewards. ;)

Question: “Why wasn’t the Mercenaries announced in the newspost? Why keep this sly advertising secret!”

Mod Nexus: With additions like the mercenaries, we may wish to not talk about them in order to get a more accurate idea of the impact it has. Alerting everyone and their mother to a small addition like this isn’t very useful to us. Where possible, we keep the visibility of changes like this to a minimum, especially when it doesn’t affect everyone.

Question: “With the change in marketing, will we be seeing the return of Gnomecoptors?!”

Mod Fetzki: Gnomecopters will not be returning. We haven’t changed the stance that something that looks like an in-game feature like the gnomecopter should not turn out to be advertising – that was the reason that we removed it. This is not to say that we won’t advertise the benefits of the members game including the higher stats of members items and the rewards of the loyalty programme. We do it in a straight forward way, and people who are not interested can choose to ignore it.

Question: “In 2009 you removed P2P advertisements from the F2P worlds (such as Gnomecoptors), now you are adding more. Why has this stance changed and backtracked?”

Mod Nexus: We removed a lot of the “you need to be on a members server...” messages because they were annoying and didn’t tell you anything particularly interesting e.g. like what’s on the other side of the gate that you can’t get through. So why shouldn’t a player occasionally run into something like a gate, door or some NPCs, and learn a little bit about some of the members content in order to make a decision on whether they want to try it out or not.

Question: “Has your stance changed on F2P not being a “demo” changed too?”

Mod Nexus: Absolutely not. The free to play game is certainly rather large, and offers the most content of any free MMO I know. There are always players who like to play for free and will never subscribe and that’s fine, this policy hasn’t changed. The free game can be played forever, but does limit some skills (or higher level content within those) as well as minigames and quests you can do, just not in XP terms which is a big part of RuneScape. Level cap, character slots, wealth limits, friends list, trading, social functions, you name it, other MMOs have probably used it to restrict their game to force users to subscribe to actually be able to play at all and have fun.

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