Update:Guaranteed Content Poll - Graphics

Those who have played through the Achievement Diary: Varrock, experienced the Grim Reaper's holiday event or appreciated the Triple Trouble wallpaper will know about Guaranteed Content Polls and the effect they have on future content. So, after the success and popularity of these releases, we would like to invite you to decide upon another piece of content.

In this poll, you will decide which non-player character deserves the graphical makeover treatment the most. This list has been drawn from the most popular suggestions from a thread on the Suggestions Forum, created specifically for this poll. The choices are:

  • Diango
  • Duradel
  • Gertrude
  • Lanthus
  • Party Pete
  • Reldo
  • Sir Tiffy Cashien
  • Vannaka

Additionally, you will be able to choose which group of non-player characters should get a makeover:

  • Elves
  • Experiments
  • Ghouls
  • Guards
  • Hobgoblins
  • Seers
  • TzHaar

The very next graphical improvement will feature these changes, so you can see the results of your Guaranteed Content Poll decisions.

To vote in the poll, click on the 'Vote in this poll' tab to the far-left of the RuneScape home page.

The poll will finish on the 19th of November, with the results being announced on the 20th November.