This page documents a temporary update, added 2 November 2011.
It has since been removed from the RuneScape News List, and is now considered obsolete.

We’re aware that some of you have been experiencing ongoing difficulty accessing the game, and that some of you in-game have noticed a reduced frame rate. Our first priority is to fix these problems as soon as we can.

Later today, we’ll be implementing a temporary measure that will allow users experiencing log-in problems to access RuneScape, while we work on implementing a long-term solution.

Meanwhile, we’re engaged in rigorous optimisation testing across all graphics modes to resolve the frame-rate problem. This is vital if we are to get to the root of the issue and ensure a permanent, all-encompassing fix for all users. We’ll put this in place as soon as we possibly can.

We apologise for any disruption that these technical issues may be causing you. Please have patience and rest assured that resolving these issues quickly is of foremost importance to us.

UPDATE: We've located the cause of the log-in problems, and they should now be resolved. Our focus is now the optimisation testing to resolve the frame-rate issues.

Please ask any questions you may have on our technical forums.

The RuneScape Team

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