Update:Mountain Daughter and Changes

Mountain Daughter

The Fremennik people regard themselves as noble warriors, wise keepers of ancient knowledge, shielded from the ignorance of the outside world. The outside world, on the other hand, views the Fremennik as an insignificant group of petty bickerers who continually fall out with each other and create their own tribes. One such tribe roams the mountains east of Rellekka, always moving on to find new supplies of food and avoiding the terror of the trolls.

Now, however, their chieftain has lost his daughter and will not move his camp until she has been found. Will you be able to find a way into the camp, convince the chieftain to accept your help, and discover the secrets of the Mountain Daughter?

New Castlewars Rewards

We said at the end of last year that we would be creating more things for you to spend your Castlewars tickets on, so we have. There are now two full sets of new decorative armours! These have higher ticket costs and better combat stats than the red & blue set. The hoods and capes from Castlewars are now also for sale, so you can now show your colours outside of the arena.

You can sell your old decorative armour back to the shop to get its ticket value, so you can put those tickets towards getting the new items.

Wilderness Team Capes and Castle Wars Team Capes Improvements

These items used to convert the dots representing your teammates on the minimap to green. This overrode the green dots representing people on your friends list.

Now people wearing the same Wilderness or Castle Wars team cape as you will appear as a blue dot on your minimap. People on your friends list will appear as green dots even while you are wearing the capes.