Update:Naming conventions

Many objects in the game have brackets in their names to indicate a special feature or function, such as Dragon dagger (p) for a poisoned dragon dagger. Some of the letters used in these brackets meant different things on different items. This got a bit confusing in a few cases:

(s) - either "Saradomin" or "poisoned with super-strong weapon poison" (p) - either "poisoned" or "permanent" (u) - either "unstrung" or "unlocked" (g) - either "Guthix" or "gold-trimmed" or "contains a gold coin"

We've renamed a few items so that the letters can be consistent. Please note that the items themselves haven't changed at all. We've just tweaked their names.

Object Old notation New notation
Weapon with extra-strong poison (+) (p+)
Weapon with super-strong poison (s) (p++)
Ring of Charos (u) = unlocked (a) = activated
Permanent serum from Shades of Mort'ton Serum 207 (p) Serum 208
Blackjack (a) = assault (o) = offensive
Special beer from Recipe for Disaster Asgarnian Ale (g) Asgoldian Ale
Prayer book pages Torn page (s)
Torn page (z)
Torn page (g)

Saradomin page
Zamorak page
Guthix page

Please note - Some of these changes have already been in the game for a while.