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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 17 September 2018.

The following fixes and tweaks have now been implemented. If you believe a change has not been documented, either in the patch notes or the news posts for this week's update, please detail the change so that it may be added.

As always, be sure to submit a bug report should you encounter a gameplay bug or graphical glitch in-game.

Player Owned Farm
  • Added Balthazar to the player owned farm.
  • A grammatical oddity when inspecting female animals in the "Add/Remove Animals" Player Owned Farm interface has been fixed.
  • The "Destroy empty buckets when farming" will now factor in interactions between the new buckets of Player Owned Farm manure and compost bin. Tick it if you want to get rid of your buckets, untick it if you'd rather keep them!
  • Removed force walk tile north of Ardougne.
  • The player will no longer get trapped in the windmill while completing The Chosen Commander quest.
  • You can now use noted raw sailfish on feeding troughs at your farm. Sorry about that.
  • Removed two forcewalk tiles next to Ardougne beehives.
  • Fixed a patch of ground outside of the Ardougne Mill that was using old textures.
  • Changed the Ardougne Lunar spell to be outside the breeding pen.
  • Also tweaked the Ardougne cloak teleport to not be around the compost bin, but closer to the herb patch and breeding pen.
  • All the new farmer outfit pieces now have a retrieve all option on them, when reclaiming from Diango.
  • Granny Potterington now sells animal pen kits on the farmers' market.
  • Royal dragons can now only be bred using super secret farming methods.
  • Hotfixed - the catch up now correctly works when it comes to increasing happiness and health of your animals.
  • Payments in the Herblore Habitat farming circle are now properly reduced whilst wearing the Master Farmers outfit.
  • The chinchompa buyer will now correctly purchase any type of chinchompa, even if it's not the variety they are after.
  • Carnivorous chinchompas have been changed to omnivore status and will now eat everything, like every other chinchompa.
  • White lillies can once again be planted without vanishing, while wearing the master farmer outfit.
  • Grand exchange sale history has been doubled in size to now store 20 transactions.
  • Activated spirit gems that have yet to use any charge can now be converted back into unactivated variants.
  • After a GE offer is resolved (either finished or cancelled), the player can now press a button on the item's resolved screen, or right click the Grand Exchange offer square, to collect items and create a new offer with the same details as the previous offer.
  • Selecting an item in Grand Exchange search no longer immediately closes the search.
  • Ring of fire, flame gloves and inferno adze can now be reclaimed from King Roald if lost without having to replay the All Fired Up game.
  • Players can now right-click on an entry in the GE history and access ops to repeat that offer. "Immediate repeat" immediately creates an identical offer, whereas "Detailed repeat" brings up the offer creation screen with the relevant details filled in (in case you want to tweak some of the parameters).
  • You can now add your pets to a cycle of up to 10 that can be summoned on rotation by using the checkbox on the Pets interface.
  • Re-added the event information tooltip to the in-game clock.
  • Added a Drop-X option for cooked Daemonheim food.
  • The Pathfinder armour has received a graphical update.
  • Updated the layout of reward shops such as the Waiko and Elite Dungeon Rewards Shops to allow them to be more usable on mobile.

Reward shops will now have a standard layout size, allow scrolling and increased font size.

  • Updated the breakdown of the invention items levels in the Check Invention item interface.

Press the "Level information" button after you have Checked an augmented item to view item level information.

  • Replaced desktop terminology on mobile for Clan Chat and Guest Clan Chat windows when you are not in one of these chat channels.
  • Swiping action bars to cycle through them was not working for users in both out internal and external play testing.

We have removed the swiping of action bars in favour of buttons to select which bar is displayed. Numbered from 1 to 10. Tap the small numbered display button to bring up the selection bar.

  • Fixed an issue in the mobile client that was causing examine boxes / info boxes / error boxes etc... to render behind interfaces.

For zoomed in mobile interfaces these were not visible, they now should be.

  • Fixed an issue that was forcing the minigames side window open constantly on mobile. For example in dungeoneering while on the backpack, opening a door, solving a puzzle, defeating an enemy etc... any action had a chance to open the dungeoneering interface panel. The same was the case using Make-X in the POH (flatpacks). The side panels should now behave on mobile correctly.
  • The Ancient Artefact drop, unlocking the Bombi pet from Vorago has been added to the Runemetrics activity drop log.
  • The abilities on your action bar will consistently light up if they're off cooldown.
  • Void Knight mage helm is no longer listed as the ranger helm in the commendations store.
  • Fixed a typo in Vicendithas' Scribblings.
  • Fixed a typo in the Player owned ports helping hand event.
  • Catspeak amulet interface can now be closed via the red x.
  • When cast on a location other than a farming patch, the rapid growth spell now displays the error "Rapid growth can only affect herb, tree and fruit tree patches." instead of "This patch has already been enchanted with rapid growth today. Further casting would kill the plant."
  • Destroying Lucky Barrows items, won from Treasure Hunter, will no longer give a misleading prompt before informing players that they can receive the items from Diango (as a broken variant).
  • An issue causing unexpected sounds to be played in the upstairs of Yanille's Dragon Inn has been fixed.
  • A typo when asking Morvran about tips on fighting Airut as your slayer task has now been corrected.
  • Fixed an issue where private messages appeared in public chat under certain conditions.
  • Offering stackable items or offering-X items in a trade will no longer offer the entire stack.
  • Drezel will no longer skip over earlier quest dialogues if the player has managed to have started a later quest.
  • Divine simulacrums will no longer give energy or portents when "Shared Knowledge" buff is active.
  • Entered text no longer disappears if you hit certain character limit.
  • The Hive Mind of Master Farmers and Olivia the Seed Merchant has been broken up and she will only know if you have pickpocketed Martin recently.
  • The World Wakes achievement now unlocks as expected.
  • Boosting your Divination level past 99 will no longer reduce XP gained from Cursed Wisps.
  • Players chat charet will no longer jump to the start while they are typing a message.
  • Due to a bug, Oldak coils and Kinetic cyclones can now be reclaimed from Nulodion near the entrance to the Dwarven Mine, if Nulodion cannot find your registered cannon/coil/cyclone on your current world. THIS FIX IS TEMPORARY
  • Killing monsters in a Sinkhole will now instantly remove their interaction options, allowing you to collect your loot and move on much quicker.
  • The Crystal Capsule Shadow Gem reward tokens are now bankable
  • Coins gained from Smashing Relics will now properly go into your coin pouch rather than your inventory.