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These FAQs were announced on 13 December 2012.

This sticky has been created in response to the most commonly asked questions regarding the most recent game update.

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Whilst we continue to gather feedback, we will add any other frequently asked questions regarding this update to this thread - you may wish to check back every now and then.

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Updated: 13/12/12

Where are the Player-Owned Ports located and why isn't it shown on the World Map?

Mod Moltare: Port Sarim's private docks are in a notional space in the north part of Sarim itself, accessed through a portal marked with the Minigame symbol on the world map.

Why did you make the Ports instanced?

Mod Moltare: Building Ports in an instance gives us a lot of control over the appearance and layout of the environment that would be more problematic outside; it also gives the mapping team a lot more space to work with than if they had to add the port to an existing part of the map.

Can we get sailing ETA times in the Captain's log ship status window? This would be very useful when not in the POP.

Mod Moltare: Yes, I should think I can add an estimate to the log. I'll look into it.

Why are we limited to only 12 Voyages a day?

Mod Moltare: We want there to be an element of strategy and risk to deciding which voyages to send in a given day. If you could just reroll voyages over and over until you got the perfect one each time, this would detract from that.

Mod Edam: As voyages take longer to complete as you explore more of the Eastern Lands, you won't be able to do all possible voyages in a day. Then it becomes more a question of "What voyage should I do today?". We have upped the daily voyage rerolls to 15 to give you a few more voyages in these opening stages.

In the Captain's Log, is the 'Runedate' based on actual real-world time?

Mod Moltare: Yes, that's today's runeday (a date on our server) and the portion of the day that's passed since midnight our time.

Why isn't the current XP of the captains and crews viewable? Could this feature be added?

Mod Moltare: I'll investigate this; obviously it's easy enough to add it, in technical terms, but I don't want to over-clutter the interfaces.

What is the cost of repairing armour with materials?

Mod Raven: At the moment armour can only be repaired with coins from Bob's axes or a player owned house. They cannot currently be repaired with materials, though this is something we may consider in future.

Why does Rocktail soup require a lower cooking level than Rocktails?

Mod Raven: We felt that the gathering of components was already a requirement enough for making the soup, so didn't think an extra 3 levels was really necessary.

Why can't we put other things in our pocket slot, such as a Bone-crusher or Holy Wrench?

Mod Raven: This is because the pocket slot is for specific objects only, just as you cannot wear a hat on your legs, even though you could balance it on your foot. It's a technical limitation in how our clothing system works.

Why are they called "Recipes", when there is actually only a single recipe? Are more coming soon?

Mod Moltare: Well, let's keep our options open.

Why was there no Fishing scrimshaw?

Mod Mark: Keep an eye open for more PoP updates in the future!

Does ring of wealth increase chances of getting scrolls?

Mod Moltare: Your Ring of Wealth will have no effect.

Will upgraded buildings increase the number of voyages we can send daily?

Mod Moltare: Not at this point, although I won't rule out the possibility. We've already upped the number of daily rerolls from 12 to 15, though.

Will we be seeing permanent items that could be wielded in the 'pocket' slot besides scrimshaws?

Mod Moltare: It would be a shame to make a new slot and not make use of it, I'd say.

Mod Edam: One of the new skills will make use of the pocket slot next year.

Why can we fail 100% voyages?

Mod Moltare: Speaking from the perspective of the success/failure determining algorithm, I can assure you that you cannot.

Will the black market trader offer more resources as the port grows?

Mod Moltare: Felix can stock any of the resources you have access to; hence every Region you discover will open another possible item in his stock.

I always imagined the Eastern Lands to be a huge continent with a great ocean between them and the current continent. Are the current islands we see the full 'Eastern Lands' or just some islands located offshore?

Mod Moltare: The Archipelago is the entire home of the culture known to Misthalin and its neighbours as "The East". If there's anything still further out, the West is yet to make contact with it.

What happens when you complete all the Adventurer's storylines?

Mod Moltare: Each adventurer's storyline ends with a generous reward of trade goods; completing the storylines for all of two particular trios unlocks a special storyline with even more goods available.

What happens if your Captain dies? Can you ever get him back?

Mod Moltare: Alas, should a Captain be lost in action, all you can do is mourn him/her and move on.

What happened to Lady Lumbridge?

Mod Mark: Klarense must have smelt the opportunity of the eastern lands himself and sailed off to seek his fortune.

Will Gentleman Mallard have any sort of lore expansion in the Eastern Lands content given his run in with a sea monster?

Mod Mark: We haven’t forgotten about the pirate quests, and they may well have involvement with player owned ports in the future.

Why did the Mermaids from Deadliest Catch take the Thalassus so far?

Mod Osborne: If you've read The Mermaids and the Dragon lore story, the mermaids became obsessed with developing into dragons. That determination took them around the world, and eventually back to the place where they were born - the Eastern Lands. That's where they came across Thalassus, named after the Thalassia island. Why they took control of the Thalassus is a bit of a mystery: did they think it held the secret to becoming a dragon-like monster? Did they give up on becoming a dragon and decide to simply capture one? Who knows, and hopefully we'll find out at some point.

Why were the Mermaids and Remora in Witchhaven?

Mod Osborne: The mermaids lived off the coast of Witchaven during The Mermaids and the Dragon lore story. They had moved away from the Eastern Lands many years ago, and built a home near Witchaven because the seas are teeming with fish. When Remora was swallowed by the Queen Black Dragon, the mermaids moved away and eventually settled in the north-west.

Is Leviathan one of the sea monsters from the Eastern Lands? It's been mentioned to exist according to Postbag From the Hedge, so does it exist?

Mod Moltare: The seas around the Eastern islands seethe with sea life; it's not unreasonable to suppose the Leviathan's kind might make it their home.

Why are several of the islands named after ponies?

Mod Moltare: Any resemblance of any island names to persons living, dead or fictional is purely coincidental. Maybe. As names in their own right, they all seem to fit the culture of Wushanko well.

Why are the Eastern Lands located south-east of the desert when the Ghost sailor in Port Phasmatys says that they are located east of Dragontooth Island?

Mod Moltare: Poor confused ghost sailor. Death must have come as quite a shock for him to get so geographically mixed up.

Will existing ports like Port Sarim receive the awesome graphics that POPs have?

Mod Moltare: The graphics team, as ever, are full of ambition to refresh and improve older areas of the game.

With the Eastern Lands map looking so great any chance the Western Lands map will get an update so it looks both nicer and has little descriptions of the areas?

Mod Moltare: I had an advantage when making the map of Wushanko: there's a lot less information to show. The main world map has a different purpose - more functional and less lore-heavy - so it's unlikely we'd change that aspect of it. I like the notion of doing a version of the world map like that, but not as a replacement, and it's not in the works.

Can you add a teleport spell to the Port?

Mod Moltare: Done. Look for it on your Logbook next update.

Will we ever be possible to physically visit the islands?

Mod Moltare: Never say never! but there's nothing imminent to let you travel there.

Will we ever get to see voyages to places we already know of? For example, Karamja, Port Khazard, Brimhaven, etc.

Mod Moltare: I'd like to add new voyages and storylines at some point, but no promises for now - the team's got other work needing done. Wink

Will POP ever incorporate micro-transactions somehow?

Mod Moltare: Well, I've already bought the Western Captain outfit, because of the magnificent hat.

Mod Mark: We have no current plans to do that, beyond the outfits.

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