Update:Podcast: Deities of Gielinor - Whom To Follow?

The gods of Gielinor have been the point of many discussions in the last months. Whom to follow and why is a question that many of us asked ourselves at some point. This week we asked the same question and many more with our content developers and designers.

If you’d like to hear Mods Osborne, Moltare, Ana, Raven, Ollie, Phoenix and Stu discussing the deities of Gielinor, their victories and betrayals, and sharing tips on how to win the battle for your faction head on over to our Podbean site or iTunes and download the newest podcast! Once again many intriguing questions from you, players, made it in and made it yet another must-listen session! So, if you are curious to find out: 'Who made up the gods' names?', 'How much of a role will Kara-Meir and the Godless play in the future events in Gielinor?' and 'What would happen if the Battle of Lumbridge ended up in a tie?' make sure not to miss this one!

Hours of detailed lore talks, fun JMod and player discussions and much more in dozens of official RuneScape podcast sessions now waits for you to listen to at your pleasure! Whether on the road or at home hit the Podbean site or iTunes and sink into the rich world that RuneScape is!

Next podcast will feature Mod Osborne and Mod Mark as his guest talking about story scheduling in RuneScape and much more. So get your questions ready – either post them on forums or tweet with #runecast.

RuneScape Community Team

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