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These FAQs were announced on 6 February 2013.

This sticky has been created in response to the most commonly asked questions regarding the most recent game update.

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Whilst we continue to gather feedback, we will add any other frequently asked questions regarding this update to this thread - you may wish to check back every now and then.


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Updated: 06/02/12

Why can we play Sinkholes only twice a day? It seems rather low compared to other D&Ds.

Mod Daze: We felt this was the appropriate number of daily games for this D&D. As it is multiplayer, it requires more organisation than other D&Ds and it also allows us to give a good amount of XP per game. Hopefully, it also gets your Dungeoneering vibes going and you can then head to Daemonheim to do a few floors afterwards.

Why did you choose a 2 hour interval for Sinkholes?

Mod Daze: As you need 5 players to start a Sinkhole, this helps to ensure that the number of people heading to each Sinkhole is high. If the game is too frequent then the number of people heading to each one becomes more spread out and it could make it more difficult to get a game.

Can you add a themed world for sinkholes?

Mod Emilee: Yes, we’ve identified 134 as a good candidate.

Update: This has now been implemented.

Would you add a deposit box to the sinkhole start area?

Mod Daze: There are bank chests in the lobby area which fulfill this role already.

Why are Sinkholes not instanced?

Mod Edam: This was largely to do with development time, we'll be looking at adding instance sharding to this in the future.

What happens when you have the full Hoardstalker set and you play the Ibis card?

Mod Daze: Currently you will get nothing, but other people would be able to steal the items from your chests should they want it. However, we are looking at adding something in the future.

Why are the rewards for Sinkholes limited to Dungeoneering XP/Tokens and a cosmetic set of gear?

Mod Daze: As this was a Dungeoneering D&D, we wanted the rewards to reflect this and give people an alternative method of earning XP for times where they don't have time to do full Dungeoneering floors. Also, the more alternate rewards that we add, the less likely you are to see the reward you actually want. That doesn't mean we're against adding more rewards in the future so if you have suggestions, feel free to post and I will note them down.

Could you add a notification on what prize you get? E.g. I got tokens but had no idea how many I got.

Mod Daze: If you check your chatbox, it will tell you how many tokens you have received.

Are the XP lamps we get as rewards the same as the ones from the SoF?

Mod Daze: No, these are much more rewarding!

On your banner regarding Sinkholes, you say 'grab the loot with friends' and yet you are put into a random party. Could we have the option to do this D&D with our friends and not random players?

Mod Daze: While it is a nice idea, it does undermine the competitive nature of the game so I don't think we'll be adding that for now.

Why are so many elderly bearded men gathering at Daemonheim?

Mod Daze: It really is a mystery, but after speaking to Mod Raven, it appears that they are gearing up for possibly the slowest Dungeoneering raid of all time! Now that would make for a great saga!

To see what our priority level is, we have to have the game chat set to 'All'. Any chance we could see what our priority level is when it's set on 'Filter'?

Mod Daze: We filtered this as we believe this would be unwanted by the majority of players; however I am okay with changing this if people wish. Let me know on the forums.

Will Gorajos in Dungeoneering be graphically updated?

Mod Engstom: Now we have a nice new look for them we could certainly carry this over to their other appearances in the world.

Misc - Bugs/Issues:
Why are Ganodermic Beasts now aggressive?

Mod X: Apologies, this is a confirmed bug which will be fixed in the next coldfix.

What is going on with Steel Titans? Is their current damage and accuracy supposed to be as it is now?

Mod Chris L: Summoning familiars in general have been positively and negatively effected over a few of the changes that have been made. Their current effectiveness will almost certainly not be their final value and there is already a larger Summoning job in process to streamline them all correctly.

Are you going to complete returning lighting to other areas of RuneScape?

Mod Engstom: Yep, it’s high up on our to-do list.

Why isn't POP armour getting a set bonus like Nex armour? I thought the whole point in tier armour was that higher tiered armour was always better than the lower ones. Right now, Nex armour has better DPS.

Mod Edam: It was felt that the gain in armour value outweighs the increase to DPS for Nex. However, we take the point that this might not be the case and that there might be too few uses for a defensive armour. This is something that we're looking into and monitoring. What we don't want to do is simply add DPS to every single new armour, but rather make sure our systems and bosses work as intended and well for the game.

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